July 3, 2007
Making a Better Toothbrush

There’s a certain kind of mind that looks at an ordinary household object and sees a potential vibrator (you can call it perverted if you like, we prefer to think of it as “creative” and “full of ingenuity.”). Clearly, this was the kind of mind behind products like the iBuzz, its cousin the OhMiBod, and the BodiTalk (and don’t forget The Toy!).

On some level, those all make sense: phones and iPods are sexy, right (hello, iPhone porn?). It’s a little harder to explain why someone would want to make a toothbrush into a vibrator, but, well, someone did (and yes, yes, we get it: vibrations, vibrator — but it’s a toothbrush, people!).

Unfortunately for that someone, Procter & Gamble is none too happy about this innovative use of its products, going so far as to send a legal letter to the company demanding that it stop incorporating P&G products into its vibrators. Cause, you know, P&G is a family friendly company, and vibrators hate families.

I guess it’s back to the drawing board. Maybe they can find a way to turn my camera into a vibrator. Cause my camera is pretty sexy.

[via Jezebel]

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  • Furry Girl says :

    It’s no Hitachi Magic Wand, but Oral B’s cheapo disposable vibrating toothbrush was strong enough to get me off in my experiment with it:

    And lest we forget wee Furry Girl’s first vibrator: I wonder how many other kids discovered the secret of the ugly vibrating pen?

  • BOINKOLOGY | Secret Sex T… says :

    [...] winding up with an electric toothbrush that smells like pussy. (And if you do, there’s always this.). These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web [...]

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