July 31, 2007
Why Flickr is the Best Online Dating Site

Boinkology was recently asked to suggest a good online dating site, and we found ourselves coming up blank (or longing for sites long gone: “Nerve in 2002,” we wanted to say.). The problem, you see, is that pool of online daters has just gotten too big. Sure, the idea of one million potential suitors might seem appealing: but a few steps in to the process, it becomes ever so clear that about 90% (if not more) of those suitors are far from “the one,” and you’re left to sift through a stack of (ugly, boring, annoying) needles in search of that one piece of hay.

The truth of the matter is this: online dating is best done in a selective environment. Specifically, an environment that selects for the type of person you are interested in dating. That was the genius behind the original incarnation of Nerve Personals: everyone who used them was a fan of Nerve, which created a kind of initial filter, ensuring a level of quality among its users (and thus, your potential dates). doesn’t have that filter. Neither does J-Date (I mean, in theory you have to be Jewish to use J-Date, but… theory, people), or eHarmony, or… you get the idea.

Which is why we found ourselves recommending Flickr (or Dodgeball, or, or just about any targeted social networking site) as the best available dating site. If personals won’t filter their databases for you, find a site that will.

Sure, Flickr isn’t marketed as a dating site: but its certainly capable of being used to that end (isn’t that what “social networking” is about, in the end?) — and since it’s focused on a specific interest (photography, in this case), you’re guaranteed to have at least a little in common with other members of the pool… which is more than you can say for most dating sites.

Until someone comes up with a better dating site (or a better way of filtering profiles — one that doesn’t involve a twenty page questionnaire, thanks), we’ll be co-opting social networks for our dating purposes. We recommend that you do as well.

[Unsure where to start? Wired Blogs has a write up on turning your Flickr crush into real romance.]

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  • Irene Kaoru says :

    The best part of a social site that has an actual purpose (in the case of flickr, photo enthusiasm and sharing) beyond dating is that it actually tells you about people in a natural way. In order to use it, one has to actively participate in doing something BEYOND just trolling for dates. How totally boring is a person whose hobbies include “just trolling for dates”? The problem with many plain dating sites is that they select for people who are into trolling dating sites. Yawn.

  • Richard Blakeley says :

    This is why I am always sure to have at least 10 photos of my cock on Flickr at any given time.

  • koipond says :

    The problem is that 90% of anything is total crap, thus sayeth Sturgeon and his law.

    Really, the problem is that those boring people on dating sites exist no matter what. I’m sure there are trollers for dates on flickr too, they’re just less concentrated. The rest of it is filled up with people who like to take pictures of paint drying for your avoiding pleasure.

  • Ring Toss: Links for 2007… says :

    […] Nightmare of Boinkology writes about why Flickr is the best online dating site. news, […]

  • ravi says :

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