October 24, 2007
Boinkology TV: Crossplatform Relationships

These days, there’s less and less difference between Macs and PCs: they both run on Intel chips, and Boot Camp even allows Mac users to run Windows alongside OS X. So does the Mac/PC divide still matter? Or, to put it more bluntly: can a Mac user date a PC user?

For some people, crossing the OS divide is unthinkable: a friend and die-hard Mac fan once went so far as to prescreen girls before going on dates with them, using a bit of sitemeter trickery to determine their home computer set up.

On some level, this kind of brand loyalty makes sense. In certain circles, your OS of choice is shorthand for the type of person you are. Mac users are the style conscious hipsters who value streamlined design. Linux users are community-oriented, socially conscious, and often more than a bit idealistic, with a dedication to free software that sometimes trumps practicality. Windows users are often middle of the road: far more concerned with daily life than the nuances of computers, they just want something that’ll get their work done and get them through the day (or else they’re dedicated gamers whose devotion to all the latest games necessitates a Windows box – but those people are usually too busy playing World of Warcraft to actually get out and date.).

If you’re a true believer, dating someone with an incompatible OS means dating someone with an incompatible value system: something akin to a devout Catholic trying to make things work with the head of the local Planned Parenthood. Sure, you might really like the person, but the potential for conflict is just too high.

Not everyone is a true believer, though. And for many, a person’s choice in computer may be no more than that: a choice, not a lifestyle, and certainly not something to base decisions about a relationship on.

Where do we weigh in? Watch the video to find out.

Where do you weigh in? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  • Bill Cammack says :

    I’m the same way about chicks when it comes to the internet and video games. It’s not about WHAT you do, but WHY.

    If you don’t know WHY you SHOULD be using a Mac, you’re not involved enough with computing for us to have much in common.

    If you don’t know WHY you SHOULD be HEAVILY involved in the internet for your own education, mental and social expansion, we’re not going to be able to communicate about much, because the net is the only way YOU’LL find out about what *I* already know.

    If you’re not into video games, you don’t get a rush from world domination and imposing your will on other people, and there’s going to be a large amount of time that you won’t hear from me AT ALL. :)

  • Richard Blakeley says :

    Mac chicks are the hottest.

  • Jonny Goldstein says :

    I guess Bill and I can never date, as although I am into world domination, I don’t spend much time watching video games.

    I’m married to a PC user, but she wants to cross over. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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