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Crazy Blind Date: It’s A Small Web After All

Nov 09, 2007 by Lux Alptraum
Dating Goes Boink

Crazy Blind Date: Crazy bad idea? Or just crazy enough to work? Boinkology operatives have infiltrated the system, and we’ll be reporting back with our findings.

I signed up for Crazy Blind Date early: early enough to have two dates within the first ten scheduled in New York City.

As my sister reminded me, this was a good thing: dating sites tend to be coolest in their early adopter phase, when only the hip kids are aware of the service. As more and more people learn about (and sign up for) a hot new service, the quality of members goes down, and, eventually, the service becomes pretty much unusable — or at least indistinguishable from something like (see: Nerve Personals).

My sister was right: but what I’d forgotten is that these days, I’m a scant few steps of separation from all those other bleeding-edge technohipsters brave (or in the know) enough to be early adopters for something like this.

In this case, but a single step of separation. My crazy blind date turned out to be someone I’d already met (albeit briefly): the younger brother of one of my good friends. Thankfully, we were still able to have a good conversation — and really, that was all I wanted.

Stay tuned for more tales of crazy blind dates next week!


  1. Richard Blakeley says:

    Ever think you that maybe you’re just a networking whore? And there is only 1-2 degrees of separation between you and EVERYONE in New York?

  2. Lux Alptraum says:

    It’s New York. Isn’t everyone a networking whore?

  3. Richard Blakeley says:

    I’m not… oh wait, nevermind…

  4. Richard Blakeley says:

    I’m also a sneaker/design/traffic whore… you know, just for the record.

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