BY Richard Blakeley
November 13, 2007
What Do You Say After Sex?

It’s pretty easy to come up with things to say while you’re doing it — dirty, dirty things, the kind we’d ashamed to repeat outside of the bedroom.

But what do you say the moment after, when you’re lying in bed looking at each other? Fazed has a great thread discussing that very question.

From the totally hot to the mildly inappropriate to the painfully awkward, here are some of our favorite responses:

Matildalee: Depends if I’m having sex with my husband or my boyfriend.

Red Boxer: I start chanting her name like a band who I want to play an encore.

Moonpie: Got change for a $20?

Afkamm: Happy Birthday, Grandma.

Me? I usually just laugh, because after sex I tend to be really sensitive and ticklish. If I say anything, it tends to be along the lines of, “Oh… ahh, OK, just don’t move, I’ll go get some ahhh, paper towels or something.”

So how about you? What do you say immediately after sex?

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