November 28, 2007
Boinkology TV: Circumcision

Do you like it cut? Uncut? Is there really a difference? This week, we discuss the ins and outs of circumcision — and how we really feel about the whole procedure.

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  • The Scoot says :

    I didn’t really have much of a say as to my circumcision, being eight days old and such. What’s a real kick, is that my parents were Lutherans.

    If you have no idea what I am talking about, chances are you have a ham sandwich in your future.

  • Richard Blakeley says :

    The Scoot,

    I don’t eat ham, and thinking about getting my peen cut and thinking of ham isn’t going to make run for a ham sandwich anytime too.

  • Elizabeth says :

    I’ve had a longrunning conversation about circumcision — specifically men’s feelings about being circumcised or not, and women’s feelings about men who are or not — on Sex in the Public Square. I have strong opinions about circumcision, myself, and think of it as a kind of genital mutilation perhaps not so severe as what is done to some girls, but as serious in its own right. My partner was not circumcised and I get a lot of pleasure out of his foreskin. It isn’t that I feel it myself during intercourse but that it affords more pleasure points when we are having other kinds of sex. And I love watching the way he uses it during masturbation. I don’t say any of this to make men who were circumcised feel inadequate. I think in terms of the physical pleasure of intercourse I cannot tell a difference between circumcised and intact penises. In fact, I think in the US those men have an advantage because circumcised penises are what most US women expect. And Lux, as you pointed out, whatever you have as an adult is what you have, and it is totally workable! Bodies are gorgeous in their differences!

  • Lux Alptraum says :


    Can you give us a link to the SITPS discussion? I’d love to include it in this post!

  • Robert says :

    Well I am uncircumcised. My understanding of the glans (head) is that it is meant to be very sensitive. Hence the foreskin is there to reduce that sensitivity until it is “OK” to pull it back and enjoy the pleasure of sex. Without the foreskin, as in when I experimented by pulling it back and leaving it there for awhile, a callous forms on the glans reducing it’s sensitivity. I guess that’s why American men who masturbate need some kind of oil to lubricate the head with and get it sensitive again. We don’t have that problem. The foreskin acts like a vagine (they sell “fleshlights” for this effect now) during masturbation feeling very realistic. When I cum, the foreskin can be pinched and contain the semen like a condom tip,which is very convenient. Unfortunately, it means that I masturbate way more often than I ought to, a problem many of my European friends also admit to. This is one reason I read that American preachers pushed for circumcision a century ago. Reduced sensitivity and the need for lubricants and tissue boxes would make boys far less likely to do bad things with themselves.
    Another argument I hear for circumcision is that Parents want their son to look like their Dad. So if their Dad came back from Iraq missing an arm, they may want to consider amputating the baby’s arm as well. (This should solve any anxiety about too much masturbating).(BTW, I really do not advocate amputation even if the Bible suggests it.)
    Yet another argument I’ve seen is that Parents are concerned that their high school son would not look “normal” when he goes to the shower with the rest of his classmates. Response: “Normal” is un-circumcised as in that is how you are born! That is how most of the world leaves their kid. They should point out that he would be the only “normal” boy there. Actually with the influx of immigrants, depending on where you are, half the boys will be uncircumcised anyway.
    As for the medical arguments that it is more hygenic not to have a foreskin. Well yes if you don’t bother to wash under it. Anyway, would the same argument apply to toenails. Geez if they would only remove them during birth, think of all the pain from ingrown toenails and fungus that could be eliminated”. (Girls may then have anxiety about not being able to color them like the girls that have toenails.)
    Well I hope that helps the discussion in spite of the bad humour.

  • Amanda says :

    Not having a penis myself, I can’t say I have much of an opinion as far as the procedure goes. If I (HEAVEN FORBID) were to ever have a male child, I would not circumcise, simply because I feel like it should be his decision.

    Speaking in terms of what I prefer sexually, saying that I LOVE foreskin is an understatement. Such a meaty little sliver of goodness! Sure, a cut cock is just as useful, but there’s something delightful about that extra bit to play with.

  • Herz says :

    As stupid as the “better looking, easier to clean, HIV/Cancer” arguments for routine circumcision are, at least they’re somewhat grounded in reality. It’s the “is there a difference between cut and uncut?” thing that kills me. Yeah, there IS a difference. Circumcision in Jewish tradition was a sacrifice to satisfy a covenant with God. It wasn’t a symbolic gesture, it was a literal sacrifice of flesh, of function and of pleasure, plain and simple. That’s what circumcision IS, impairment of sexual function through tissue removal.

    You were circumcised to make masturbation difficult and sex less pleasurable. Hide behind tradition, the hygiene argument, or aesthetic preference all you want, but the truth is there never has been a legitimate reason to regularly circumcise newborn boys. The reality is, your parents were either sex-fearing ignorants who wanted to break your spirit, or brainwashed suckers who let tradition convince them it was O.K. for a doctor to strap you down and crush off a chunk of your genitals. It’s time to set the record straight–the only person to benefit from your circumcision was your doctor and the company who made the clamp he used.

  • Considine says :

    Most American men old enough to read this post were circumcised some time between birth and their exit from the maternity ward. They were circumcised because most ob-gyns thought that it was an essential hygienic precaution; besides they made a little extra money from the procedure. Mothers thought the same way, and preferred not having to discuss basic hygiene with an intact son. Men who had spent time in the service or in locker rooms, mixing with other men from all walks of life, noticed that the foreskin was often a marker of lower socioeconomic status. Having a foreskin was correlated with having a mother who did not finish high school.

    The tables have turned: to be white, American, intact, and under 25 years of age is now correlated with having a sophisticated progressive mother.

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