November 29, 2007
The Love Toilet

There are couples that love each other. There are couples that love each other a little too much. There are couples that are a wee bit codependent — and then there are couples that can’t even be apart for the five minutes it takes to go to the bathroom. For those couples, we present the TwoDaLoo.

We almost thought this was a joke — it seems a little too close to the love toilet from Saturday Night Live — but as far as we can tell, it’s legit. Intrigued? For a mere $1400, the TwoDaLoo can be yours — and you’ll never shit lonely again.

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  • Richard Blakeley says :

    “It brings couples closer together and conserves our water supply all with one flush.”

    Also, I think that this is a total Photoshop job and not one has been made. More info here.

  • Eileen B. Peters says :

    Surely you people have heard of the Bumper Dumper! Google it. The most hilarious part about it is that it IS “for real” as we say down here in Texas.

    I have to say that I quite by accident collided with your blog in the middle of the soul’s darkest part of the night last night and compulsively watched every video segment, to which has now been added every blog posting in back pedaling order from the present, to which has been added virtually every link and boink music hook-up, to which has been added… Oh what the bloody hell! You guys are a riot. A blast of fresh air to a land-locked Texan in the shadow of the George Bush Presidential Library (that would be GHWB, for those of you playing along) which is commonly known as one of the single most conservative communities in the entire nation. I kid you not. Again, for those playing along, I’m in Bryan/College Station, Texas–Home to Texas A&M University. I have a radio show on a little, 1000 watt , alternative radio station. I like to think of us being to the left of even Jesus and Jazz on the dial. We are KEOS 89.1 FM.
    Here’s my point. You guys are SO going to get full coverage (or would you be happier with something “more revealing”) on our airwaves over the next few days. I will be disappointed if you don’t get a few hits from down here in the sticks after I get through “exposing” you. Okay… I guess all those double entendres are so old and tired for you guys by now they are thoroughly stale. …But please let me just enjoy them for a brief little while, since the whole concept of following blogs much less sexblogs is COMPLETELY new to me. I think the expression goes, “I never thought I’d sink so low, but I’m really glad I did!”

    If you ever need somebody to give you on the scene reporting from out here in the provinces, lemme know! I’m your girl. All the best and Happy New Year. Eileen B. Peters

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