BY Lux Alptraum
December 3, 2007
Why Can’t Jakob Make Julia Come?

Two Jakob/Julia posts in one day? Seriously, this was just too good to refrain from posting.

A few days ago, Jakob remarked that “I frame most of my life in terms of work. Even sex: it’s very fun work, but there is a difficult goal (female orgasm) that I’m trying to reach.” Apparently, that statement made Loren Feldman sit up and take notice — or at least, sit down with his mother to figure out why, exactly, Jakob finds making Julia come so very, very hard.

Is Julia not getting off because she doesn’t respect Jakob? Is Julia not getting off because he just doesn’t shower? Or is Jakob just really inept and bad at taking direction? We may never know, but we do have to wonder.

Also? How awesome is it that Loren Feldman can sit down with his mom and talk about female orgasms? We always say that parents should be open with their children when it comes to talking about sex — so it’s nice to see some of that in action.

Hey, maybe if Jakob sat down and talked to his mom…

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