December 10, 2007
One Eyed Monster: The Sandra Soroka Story

We’ve always been a little leery about putting our relationships on the Internet — and this past week was a good indication of just why that is. From Jakob and Julia’s public blog split to Sandra Soroka’s Facebook breakup, we saw just how ugly things can get when public relationships shift into public breakups. In this week’s episode of Boinkology TV, we recap just what happened with Sandra Soroka.

Wanna see what other people had to say about the story?

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  • Valleywag: “Facebook dumper may have staged Digg-linked hack”
  • SFist: “Breakups, Facebook Style”
  • Wired: “Is the Infamous Facebook Breakup Actually a Hoax?”
  • Sarah Meyers: “Guy Gets Dumped Via Facebook Status”

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  • The Scoot says :


    It seems that the problem was not that she used the new media to solve an age-old problem. Rather, the problem seems to be that she tried to stuff the genie back into the bottle.

    Of course, the mention of the Star Wars kid is interesting. In that case, he was just goofing off to a camera that was not, nor was it ever meant to be, connected to the internet. The Star Wars kid was not in control of his own destiny when that video was posted.

    She… had every opportunity and ability to just say to the Digg haters or whomever… “I didn’t think this would be such a big deal. I’m fine with my decision. Go away.” Or whatever.

    If she continued to be harassed, well, then THEY are the bad guys. Just like the assholes that stole that video tape and made the Star Wars kid famous.

  • Richard Blakeley says :

    THE SCOOT: Well said! I hope this doesn’t drive her from the Internet completely… that would be LAME!

  • mikepeace knotwar says :

    she wrote me off with a roll of toilet paper scribed with lipstick. It was left at my office rolled out along the floor from the front door to my boss’s desk. I was at lunch. when I came back he made me clean it up and then fired me. I never went back to Trump Tower again.

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