January 8, 2008
TENGA: A New Adult Concept

We’re used to seeing creative and innovative masturbation toys for the ladies — but for the men? Not so much.

But why not? Men enjoy masturbation as much as the ladies do — and don’t we all enjoy experiencing new, exciting sensations when we’re pleasuring ourselves?

Enter TENGA and their “onanicups,” a line of masturbation cups offering a range of sensations that, as far as we can tell, are intended to mimic a variety of sexual acts.

Pros? We like seeing innovative and awesome toys for boys.

Cons? The onanicups are one time use only. What’s up with that?

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  • DailyBedpost says :

    Good for the boys, not so good for the environment.

  • The Scoot says :

    Still, I love the name. Onanism… I haven’t heard that term since Sunday school…

  • Richard Blakeley says :


  • Michael says :

    Eh. My girl and I played with a masturbation sleeve once and honestly, I’d rather just use my hand (or hers of course). Fucking rubber always feels kind of weird.

  • Patrick Di Justo says :

    The interior design details of each cup look like a Buckminster Fuller-designed penis grinding factory.

  • The Scoot says :


    Bucky balls…

  • David Lup Fun Masters says :

    I would Love to try this device…
    Could I smuggle it into work and sneak off to the toilets do you think?

  • Lee 'the ironman' Walpole says :

    Does it come in a smaller size? I’m a bit worried putting myself inside that will be like dangling a worm down a wishing well

  • Lee Walps says :

    I’m thinking of purchasing one but not sure if my other half would approve.
    Can it be shared for two males?

  • Tenga Shop says :

    Hi Lee Walps, it can be used to by 2 males, this Tenga ornacup is know as the Double Hole. It has a soft and hard side. Do visit my website for the reviews.

  • tengalover says :

    tenga cups are the best masturbators for me cos they are so discreetly designed I dun have to worry about my kids getting their hands on them. I even kept a few in my office and just ‘pleasure’ myself in the toilet and trash it. Yeah, many would argue that they can use their hand but seriously the sensations is just not the same: you got to try it to believe it, else you wont know what you are missing. So far, I know only ships worldwide and have the best price so do yourself a favour and give the cups a shot.

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