January 9, 2008
Boinkology TV: Sex on the Web

The Internet is a great place to get some sex — whether that’s sexual health information, answers to your craziest questions, blogs about sex (or someone’s sex life), or porn. But where’s the good stuff? Where can you go? Here are some of our favorite places to get sex online — and if you know some thing that we left out, please leave it in the comments!

Sexual Health Information

  • Planned Parenthood: The international reproductive rights and health care organization maintains an excellent database of articles on a wide range of sexual health topics.
  • Go Ask Alice!: Columbia University’s online health Q&A site.
  • Teenwire: Produced by Planned Parenthood, this site specifically focuses on teens.
  • Scarleteen: Heather Corinna’s “sex ed for the real world.”

Sex Blogs


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  • The Scoot says :

    A video blog on where to find sex… on a sex blog. I have gone through the looking glass.

    On balance, however, all of the sites mentioned are useful and relevant, and we got to see Lux and her exquisitely adorable facial expressions…

  • Lux Alptraum says :

    The Scoot:

    You like me, you really like me!

  • Amber says :

    Wow, thank you for including my blog in the list! My heart is all aflutter now. 😀

  • Garrett says :

    Have you seen the “Midwest Teen Sex Show”?

    It’s more than a clever name to attract pedos, they do a really funny and pretty scathing video podcast of sex ed for parents and teens. I work with young adults in my day job and this (along with Scarleteen/go ask alice) is a great resource. And, funny as fuck.

  • Lux Alptraum says :


    Good add! We made this video a little while ago, so it’s a little dated (just in terms of what it’s missing, not in terms of what it includes).

  • Melissa Gira says :

    MTSS — they’ve been around almost all year, for what it’s worth.

    Another old hand, Reverse Cowgirl deserves a big mention (and she’s been blogging about the Pink Ghetto, too).

    And Sex in the Public Square? Susie Bright? Radical Vixen? I’m heartened that blogging sexual politics can be so sexy.

  • Amber says :

    There’s so much good stuff out there, this might have to become a recurring theme on Boinkology TV!

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