January 31, 2008
Dot Hot Or Not: CNET

Dot Coms: they bring us joy, entertainment, and employ most of the hotties of Silicon Valley (and Alley). We know a dot com’s success isn’t determined by the hotness of its employees: but it isn’t hurt by it, either. So how hot is your dot com?

Dot Com: CNET

Sample Employees:


Wilson Tang Co-host of The 404 podcast, Wilson’s known for being a suave aZn with a sexy voice — and, from what we hear, a way with the ladies. When he’s not talking tech or making women swoon, he can be found working his way towards a career directing films. All in all, he’s quite a catch: Wilson, we’d let you captain our S.S. Fantasy any day of the week! Hotness: 8/10


Jeff Bakalar Pros: Looks like Seth Rogen. Cons: Looks like Seth Rogen. Hotness: 6/10


Caroline McCarthy With her pixie like looks and hot body, it’s easy to see why every tech guy (and quite a few girls, too) we know has a hard drive for Caroline. And with plenty of smarts to round out the hotness, it’s easy to see why she’s the belle of the (tech) ball. Want to catch her in action? She’s most often seen at Dealbreaker and Gawker parties — or anywhere where web 2.0 and alcohol collide. Hotness: 8/10.


Erica Ogg consumer electronics reporter Erica Ogg has already been labeled a babe by at least one media outlet, and it’s not hard to see why. She’s got good looks and tech smarts, she’s a natural on camera, she knows how to party (we consider her the West Coast version of Caroline McCarthy), and she’s not afraid to get affectionate (or silly) in public. Ladies and gentlemen, we may have found our newest crush. Hotness: 9/10.


Will Greenwald We hear Will Greenwald’s a total playa… of, um, video games. We were totally set to pan Will as a nottie, but then we saw him decked out in his Optimus Prime gear. Anyone who can pull that off deserves a couple extra hot points. Hotness: 5/10.


Average Hotness: 7.2

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