February 22, 2008
Commenter of the Week

Here at Boinkology, we love our commenters — and we want to show them that love. Every week, we pick our favorite comment, and celebrate the commenter with a little gift.

After paging through a whole lot of clever comments (including more than a few witty reactions to our “Bi Any Other Name” contest), we decided that, at the end of the day, this week’s award had to go to the commenter who nerded out and talked about math. Congrats to Patrick Di Justo for his breakdown of what it would really take to fuck 1000 women in one week:

Ok, there are 168 hours in a week. Assume the equivalent of 4 hours of sleep in every 24. That leaves 140 hours for sex. Assume an unrealistically rapid male refractory time of 5 minutes after each ejaculation. With 1000 women, that takes up 5,000 minutes, or 83 hours and 20 minutes, leaving 56 hours and 40 minutes to get nasty. Dividing that time by 1000 women, and assuming that the woman are exchanged assembly-line fashion during the refractory period, that leaves only 3 minutes and 24 seconds per fuck.

We love it! In honor of David Seaman‘s advice, we’re giving you a pair of Crocs. Wear them wisely.

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  • The Scoot says :

    1000 ejaculations in a week? The man would die. He would either have a heart attack from dehydration, or exhaustion, or both.

    1000 in a WEEK? I am lucky to average 45 in a month….

  • Isil says :

    Ha it was hilariously true. (Plus a sad reminder of my prem ejac)

  • Liz says :

    Haha, I definitely started to do the math in my head and then gave up. Thanks!

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