March 19, 2008
Boinkology TV: The Shocker

One in the bush, two in the tush. One in the pink, two in the stink. No, we never got out of junior high — or at least, our sense of humor never did. Today we’re going to talk about the shocker — whether you like it or not!

Great moments in shocker history:

  • Wikpedia on The Shocker
  • Warner Drive, The Shocker
  • The Shocker… in poster form!
  • The Shocker… in t-shirt form!
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  • anonymousme says :

    “..two fingers in a vagina and one finger in an asshole..”
    Just when you thought it was going all medical with the vagina usage, she slips in asshole over anus.

    (no pun intended with the slips in asshole)

  • Lux Alptraum says :

    Well, you know, I’m not a doctor, I’m a boinkologist.

  • Improbable says :

    Interesting distribution of fingers in the description… don’t forget “one in the goo, two in the poo.”

  • Isil says :

    I am a medical doctor, and i completely validate everything thats been and will be said, shown and commented in this Post.

  • withoutscene says :

    Leave it to Lux to break it down and tell it like it is. That demo was very Sue Johanson, if you ask me…minus the dolls.

    I think it’s the tops. *two thumbs up*

    Best, evar.

  • Xorn Smith says :

    I always felt like I should be wearing one of those bowling glove/braces when trying the Shocker, so I definitely support the two-handed approach. Because bowling gear and sexiness seldom go together…well, maybe the shoes.

    And can I just say….most websites? Perineum length never ever comes up. *That’s* the Boinkology difference.

  • Amber says :

    The Shocker is amusing and even plausible in theory, but in practice? It just doesn’t work.

  • garrett says :

    The finger-sex advice I was given back in high school, by an avowed lesbian, was to use the “come hither motion” with two fingers on the g-spot. Not to brag, but it’s been very successful so far, at least with partners who get off on g-spot stimulation.

    For dual stimulation, I’ve always used a toy. A good friend of mine had a VERY bad experience with a guy who went from ‘stink’ to ‘pink’ with his fingers and left her with a hell of an infection.

    Using a small butt plug or slim (flanged) dildo keeps things seperate without having to think about it too much. As anal (heh) as I can be about sex, I don’t like to be worrying to much while getting it on.

  • chas says :

    There’s always my personal favorite: Two in the Bush, one in the Cheney.

  • She Shocked Me All Night … says :

    [...] Alptraum at Boinkology has a great video about The Shocker. I really don’t think anyone else can pull off looking so damn cute while explaining what the [...]

  • BOINKOLOGY | Commenter of… says :

    [...] the surprise is in the pinky!), but this week’s award goes to Xorn Smith, for his thoughts on the Shocker (and kind words about “the Boinkology difference”). I always felt like I should be [...]

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