April 16, 2008
Guys And Dolls

Guys and Dolls is a British television documentary that takes a look at the lives of a few lonely men who have taken on Real Dolls as ladyfriends. It’s touching, sad, and mesmerizing all at the same time. It’s just amazing to see just how real these men think of these real dolls.

Civilization as we know it is doomed if these dolls ever come to life as robots.

[Want to watch the entire documentary? Go here.]

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  • The Scoot says :

    I think I’ve met men like that guy in a club in Westland…

    And yes, I may live in Michigan, but my girlfriend does indeed have a heart beat.

  • stolen pony says :

    i’m stunned and yet oddly fascinated at the same time. that must be one of the weirder things i’ve ever seen..he actually refers to her like she’s a human!

  • Lux Alptraum says :

    You know, Davecat has been in every piece of press I’ve ever seen about men who have relationships with Real Dolls. Which leads me to think one of two things is true:

    – Davecat is the only person willing to be public about being with a Real Doll, or
    – This phenomenon is really limited, and he’s actually one of the only people like this (which is fine and doesn’t make him bad or wrong).

    Either way, it’s still fascinating.

  • Richard Blakeley says :

    LUX: He is only one of several people featured in the piece, there are many more if you have 45 minutes to kill. There was another guy who takes them outside and poses with them for family scrapbooks, it’s amazing.

  • MeatConfetti says :

    Well, it’s healthier than turning into a sexual predator.

  • Xorn Smith says :

    LUX: I agree…I don’t want to use the words “wrong” or “bad.” I feel for these guys. But what about “healthy”?

    It seems like this is a really elaborate form of “imaginary friend” for grown-ups. Maybe it meets their needs, but it also seems like it’s just propagating an emotionally stunted existence.

    I mean maybe these guys can’t function in an actual relationship…or were so badly hurt in the past that all they can handle is the placebo of a Real Doll. But if someone I cared about was in this type of relationship, I’d seriously worry for them…not because it’s sexually deviant or wrong, but because what it says about their emotional health and maturity.

    MEATCONFETTI: Maybe you were joking, but I don’t think a guy like Davecat would become a sexual predator without a Real Doll. I think he’d just find another way to avoid reality…maybe something Internet-based? Likewise, if you gave a Real Doll to a burgeoning predator, I don’t think it would “help” him, just give him something to “practice” on prior to the real thing.

    Finally…I really, really don’t want to judge but Holy Jesus it freaks me out when he removes her tongue.

    But, yeah, absolutely mesmerizing…

  • Camille Acey says :

    I tend to agree with Lux on this one. I am curious whether this is actually just an extremely rare occurence. The intro says there are 3,000 Real Dolls out in the world. How many of them were bought as gag gifts or for some other purpose (those Japanese “love hotels” for example) and how many were bought as honest to God day-to-day companions? I am inclined to say it’s a low number. All that is not to say I am dismissing the phenomenon.

    I am not inclined to say that people simply MUST have their sexual/emotional relations with other living and breathing human beings (countless people name and LOVE their toys), but I do think people should try and explore their options a bit before ordering up that hunk of plastic.

    Anyway, I saw Lars and The Real Girl, so I will now have to watch this documentary. Thanks for the tip, Richard!

  • Lux Alptraum says :


    There was actually a Salon piece a ways back (linked to here) which, yes, includes Davecat — but also features some other Real Doll owners, including a man who owns several, but specifically refers to the as sex toys, not companions (i.e. he says that he masturbates with them, rather than describing the interaction as sex). I’d be curious to find out how many of those 3,000 owners are more like this guy than Davecat.

  • withoutscene says :

    I have a colleague who studies the Real Doll phenomenon, so I saw this doc awhile back. It’s amazing, and yes, deviant. These dolls cost a LOT of money, so they aren’t quite like blow-up sheep one buys at the local porn shop. They are also increasingly customizable, and I think the fact that they keep improving the technology is fascinating in and of itself. And the fact that there are doll repair people…

    There are other dolls that are somewhat similar to Real Dolls, so I don’t think we can use the number of Real Dolls as a reliable number. And I agree it oversimplifies things to want to put Real Doll owners in a box. There are a variety of reasons to have one and a variety of uses and “relationships”. I don’t know the truth of it, but I have heard of a doll being given to a college bound male, “so that he could concentrate on his studies.”

    And people tell their kids, “Dolls are for girls!” Little did they know…

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