April 21, 2008
PlayDates With Richard Blakeley: Passing Strange

Looking to take a date who hates musicals to a Broadway musical? Look no further than Passing Strange. The show is a cross between a play and a rock concert, and so far it’s the only only musical I would recommend taking anyone to who’s under thirty to. It may even be dangerous to an elderly person’s health due to the potentially seizure-inducing bright lights and loud rock anthems.

I couldn’t find a date to bring with me this time, so I took my roommate. He was kicking and screaming the entire way there, asking dumb questions like, “What kind of musical is this? Why are you insisting I go to this thing?” and whining about how he had a lot of work to do and shouldn’t be going out. Thankfully for him, we didn’t end up at Xanadu — and as it happens, he really enjoyed the show, and eventually thanked me for dragging him out of the house to see it.

It’s best suited for artsy couples who’ve recently graduated art school — or are thinking about dropping out of art school. The intensity lasts throughout the entire show and the jokes stay fresh, keeping the audience on its toes both physically and mentally.

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  • Isil says :

    billboard kinda looks like back to the future , huh?

    should i change dealers?

  • Richard Blakeley says :

    ISIL: Yes.

  • Improbable says :

    Careful, Blakeley, there are theatre geeks on this here webernet.

    [I’m not saying I want to see Xanadu, just that there’s nothing wrong with people under 30 enjoying a well-written, well-produced musical…]

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