April 25, 2008
Running Into Your Ex On The Street

One crisp evening, about a year ago, I was walking through Brooklyn and saw a group of people about to cross in front of me. Being the type of guy that I am, I checked out the ass of one of the girls in the group. It was very nice, but I quickly realized that I knew that ass all too well. It belonged to my ex — the one I hadn’t seen since we broke up (on very bad terms, I might add).

Everyone knows that running into your ex on the street can be awkward. Just how awkward depends on how you broke up, and who’s there when you run into them. In my case, it was a bad breakup: she dumped me by falling off the face of the earth one day. And as to who was with her: in that same group of people was her current boyfriend, the “friend” she cheated on me with.

Thankfully, she’s blind as a bat and constantly unaware of her surroundings, so she never saw me. And thus we avoided a situation like this:

Have you ever run into your ex on the street? What happened?

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  • Isil says :

    This is a question of the week disguesed as a post, without the lovely richard video thingie. I refuse to answer.

  • Isil says :

    or is it disguised? hmmhhmmmm

  • withoutscene says :

    On my 21st birthday I had way too much tequila because my loving (?) friends were buying me double shots all night. Near the end I kept from getting sick by sheer will. That is, until right after I stepped out of the bar…at which time I doubled over and puked everywhere. I stood up and there was my ex crossing the street to enter the bar. It was a hilariously embarrassing scene, and somehow my friends ended up giving him my number.

    It hadn’t been a bad breakup per se; he was just too clingy too soon. Even after seeing me like that, I’m pretty sure he was still in love with me…after two years. What’s sad is that I think he’s a great guy, but he could never be “just friends” with me, meaning any contact with him would probably be misconstrued.

  • withoutscene says :

    Apparently no one likes to share their embarrassing ex moments. If you can’t laugh at the past, where’s your hope for the future?

  • Richard Blakeley says :

    WITHOUTSCENE: I guess you and I are the only ones who enjoy talking about it! Oh well! Your story reminds me of those nice guys who aren’t…

  • Phyllis Nefler says :

    Oh, I had fun running into my ex boyfriend ALL THE TIME when he got a new girlfriend that lived IN MY BUILDING!

  • Ha Ha Sound says :

    I ran into an ex on the street while she was with her current boyfriend. He was really, really short. I felt like I had won.

    And as you know, winning is everything in romantic relationships.

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