April 28, 2008
You Got A Sex Change. What Happens To Your Marriage?

And in other queer marriage news, here’s another New York Times piece on queer marriage! (Two in one weekend? My goodness!)

Meet Fran and Denise Brunner. A suburban couple who’ve been together since high school, they have three kids, a dog — and a legally recognized marriage, in spite of the fact that same-sex marriages aren’t legal in their home state of New Jersey. How is this possible? When Fran and Denise tied the knot, Denise was Donald — and (for now at least), that’s enough to keep their marriage legal.

Laws regarding transgender issues vary from state to state, which can lead to more than a bit of confusion. How bad is it? Well,

[L]awyers for Christie Lee Littleton, a Texas male-to-female transsexual suing her husband’s doctors for wrongful death, noted the confused landscape: “Taking this situation to its logical conclusion, Mrs. Littleton, while in San Antonio, Texas, is a male and has a void marriage; as she travels to Houston, Texas, and enters federal property, she is female and a widow; upon traveling to Kentucky she is female and a widow; but, upon entering Ohio, she is once again male and prohibited from marriage; entering Connecticut, she is again female and may marry; if her travel takes her north to Vermont, she is male and may marry a female; if instead she travels south to New Jersey, she may marry a male.”

Yeah. Our heads are spinning too.

Anyone else see this as a good reason to just up and let us marry whomever we please?

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  • Vanessa says :

    What amazes me is the heartache and pain the conservatives cause others who dare to be different. God made us all, wonderfully, fearfully. A transgendered person didn’t wake up one day and decide to be that way, any more than a gay person decided to be gay. We are born as we are, a gift to this world from God.


  • Irene Kaoru says :

    Cool! I just read a lovely book about this very subject. I recommend it to everyone. It’s called the Danish Girl and it’s based on the true story of the first man to undergo this change.

  • Can a sex change end your… says :

    […] Already the blogosphere has lit up, with many using this as a rallying cry to ‘just up and let us marry whomever we please‘. […]

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