April 29, 2008
The Ladies Of Liberty City

If this just released trailer from IGN is any indication, Grand Theft Auto IV is going to have a lot of sex in it. Although we don’t think anyone should ever shoot or run over a sex worker. A tip is far more appropriate.

EDIT: Please read our official statement on GTA IV here.

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  • Nicholas says :

    That is a very disturbing video clip.

  • erica says :

    I agree with Nicholas. Grant Theft Auto is obviously for emasculated men who otherwise can’t get laid and feel impotent in their lives (otherwise, why the gratuitous sex and violence against women?).

    Get off on the cartoon, assholes, cuz you won’t be gettin’ any otherwise, losers.

  • David says :

    Nice to see that even sex blogs have their moral majority, Erica.

    Cognitive dissonance is fun, eh?

  • Amber says :

    I bet “David” thinks he’s so clever with that comment. Look at the big words!

  • Lux Alptraum says :

    Hey kids, we’re all entitled to our own opinions about this video, but let’s try to keep things respectful and pleasant, okay?

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  • brookebomber says :

    well i don’t really care what the rest of you have to say about it, this seriously sold me on buying the game. and im not an emasculated man, and i will be getting laid tonight.

  • trouble says :

    I too am about to leave my house to gp grab this game.
    I too will be getting laid tonight, by a girl who realizes that games are just that, GAMES!
    You all need to relax.

  • The Scoot says :

    Wow. Well, I am most likely getting laid on Wednesday night, and I will never pick this game up.

    America is all about choice.

  • Balzac says :

    GTA sucks. It’s a shitty game made by misogynistic assholes.

    I’ve enjoyed strip clubs and prostitutes.

    I think the violence this game promotes against prostitutes is depraved and vicious.

    I would never dream of paying money for this game and I’ll never buy any games from Rockstar, because I despise those who are violent to whores and strippers.

  • The Scoot says :

    BALZAC, in fairness, it portrays violence against sex workers… It allows violence against sex workers. It does not in the strict sense of the word “promote” violence against sex workers.

    You seem to be… avoiding the question (thanks, Lux) that your post sets up. Has there been a measurable increase towards sex workers that can be attributed to GTA?

    Does portrayal actually cause an increase of violence?

  • garrett says :

    I knew an artist who worked for RockStar Games. People were having the usual tiresome argument about the the evil of video games and this guy pointed out that one of the creators of GTA loved simply wandering the streets of the game, watching the city unfold.

    Is GTA mean, harsh and dark? Oh god yes. But it’s a reflection and parody of alot going on in our culture. Just like the Sopranos or The Shield show a twisted vision of reality so does GTA. Like any art you an embrace it, learn from it or simply reject it out of hand.

    Video games are art, even the nasty ones.

  • Xorn Smith says :

    So when I first saw this post last night at about the same time of night, my immediate thought was, “Crikey’s, Jack the Ripper didn’t kill that many hookers.” That’s what I was going to post, but I decided to think on it, although I still like that line. Here are some more random thoughts 24 hours later.

    First off, I am in no way in the “ban this game” camp. My ACLU-ey instincts are pretty much accepting of almost any form of entertainment or art — hey, I don’t have to buy/watch/listen to anything I don’t want. Likewise, I never bought the argument that video games/Tv/movies/porn necessarily promote violence; I think if you’re predisposed to sadistic behavior, it might help bring it out in you, but it’s got to be there in the first place. Also, while I have no way of verifying it, on other sites and blogs I keep seeing that the avergae of the person playing GTA is 30-31, so I don’t think this falls into the it-will-destroy-our-children folder (although wait for all three major presidential candidates, especially Sen Clinton, to play that card if they haven’t already.) So, no I don’t think the game is evil or the end of civilization.

    Second, I don’t think that all people who play the game are emasculated losers. Just because, say, I watched bondage porn once, doesn’t mean I actually want to do x, y, and z to women, anymore than someone who plays this game necessarily wants to kill prostitutes.

    Third, I agree — up to a point — that the presence of sex workers and even violence against sex workers is part of a depiction of real society, the way, as GARRETT notes, shows like The Sopranos and The Shield portray.

    Now for the big HOWEVER…what strikes me, and what I found unsettling, is that these images — if I understand it right — are part of a *promotional* clip for the game. So it’s not like these are being portrayed as realistic accents to the game, they’re friggin’ selling points. That gets weird.

    It’s sorta like the old adage, “I went to a fistfight and a hockey game broke out.” In the 80s and 90s fighting in hockey was promoted almost to the exclusion of the sporting aspect. This is like “I went to cold-blooded killing of a hooker and a video game broke out.”

    Point 5: while The Shiled and The Sopranos (and The Wire and others) show violence against sex workers, none seem to glorify it like this game is doing. It’s not the point of the shows (and as sa Sopranos nerd I’d also offer that Ralphie beating a stripper/hooker to death was one of the few things Tony found absolutely morally repugnant. Anyway…)

    Point 5a: There seems like a qualitative difference between watching characters — even ones you might like or come to idnetify with — commit acts of violence against sex workers and actually taking the reigns your self and *being* the ones shooting a prostitute.

    And, I guess, that’s my question for BROOKBOMBER and BALZAC and others…what do you derive from playing that aspect of the game? I honestly don’t mean that in a “gotcha” or sarcastic way…I’m just wondering, do you see it as part of the gangsta liefstyle you’re cyber-roleplaying? Is it an excuse, like some of the mainstrem torture porn films like “Hostel,” to enjoy violence against women in a way that’s safe. I’m not trying to label or accuse you — just like I wouldn’t lable a woman who has a rape fanatsy. I’m just wondering if straight up, is that what this is…a chance to act out violent fantasies against women in a safe environment? Or is it really just a sideshow to the rest of the game action that you could care less about?

    Final thought: all day in the past 24 hours, when I thought about this video, I had the strangest sensation of constantly being drawn back to the Real Doll post from a few weeks ago. Both, in their own way, deal with objectification of women in kind of extreme ways…while the Real Doll-ers are almost worshipful, this is obviously at the other end of the spectrum. But in both cases the woman is an object…just weird that I can’t shake that thought.

    As always, thanks for letting me ramble…

  • Xorn Smith says :

    Correction: I meant BROOKEBOMBER and TROUBLE, not BALZAC when I posed the question for men who purchased/played the game.

    My bad, BALZAC.

  • Richard says :

    Why commit violence against prostitutes in GTA?

    1. Because it’s lucrative. Prostitutes (businessmen and tourists, too) are likely to drop nontrivial quantities of money, which is always useful in-game.

    But mostly

    2. Because you can. In the GTA series you are a Bad Guy, unlike the vast majority of games. Doing Bad Things is part of what defines the game. Or even just the availability of doing bad things: there’s no game-advancing reason to “employ” a game’s prostitute, or (except for the aforementioned possibility of cash) to kill one.

    I agree with Xorn, though, that the game should not be *promoted* on the basis of hookers and violence against them. Not only is it incredibly tasteless, it’s also completely unnecessary: soon there will undoubtedly be homemade videos on YouTube of players documenting their pseudo-sexual misadventures. If the videos aren’t there already.

  • Lux Alptraum says :

    Worth a read: Audacia Ray’s defense of GTA IV.

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  • Richard Blakeley says :

    XORN SMITH: “Now for the big HOWEVER…what strikes me, and what I found unsettling, is that these images — if I understand it right — are part of a *promotional* clip for the game. So it’s not like these are being portrayed as realistic accents to the game, they’re friggin’ selling points. That gets weird.”

    When I posted it I thought it was a promo clip, but in actually it was a clip made by a game review company who got their hands on the game before launch for review and made it. It was very well done I thought.

    And in my humble opinion I’m happy there can be “adult” video games and they won’t just be thought of as something for kids. Also, you can kill anyone in GTA, not just hookers. It would be weird if they had super special powers or something.

    As far as safety goes it would be nice if they made him wear a condom, I mean when you steal a motorcycle he automatically gets a helmet that appears from nowhere and he has a never ending supply of them. So that’s safe!

  • The Scoot says :

    I doubt very much that the average GTA IV player would enjoy a high resolution shot of a condom being applied before the fictional sex act. Talk about an extreme close-up.

    Hmm… maybe a caption on the screen that says “condom applied”, or maybe a voice-over indicating as much.

    Besides, I bet the designers of the character left the guy without genitalia, sort of like Alan Rickman in “Dogma”…

  • Richard Blakeley says :

    THE SCOOT: I was thinking voice over, never really crossed my mind to actually have to see it. But thanks for putting the mental image in my head!

  • Xorn Smith says :

    RICHARD: Thanks for the info; that helps put some of this in perspective. I still can’t help but wonder if GTA IV wouldn’t be as successful/marketable without the option of killing/abusing prostitutes, but I suppose there’s some morbid comfort in knowing that they’re not any more expendable per se, than the Smith family visiting Liberty City on vacation.

    I’d still like to hear more from GTA players about what (if anything) they get out of acting out cyber-violence against women (even if there are quasi-valid reasons for doing it in terms of gameplay.) I suspect that there’s at least part of the audience that buys the game *because* of that option, just like the hockey fans who went to games for the fights (before the NHL cracked down. Well, sort of.)

    Oh, and sorry for all the typos in my original post. Dead hookers or not, that’s bad form.

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  • somebody says :

    haha i wanna jump on the bandwagon!!
    i WONT be getting laid tonight, and i also WONT be picking up this game. OMG AM I ORIGINAL. only reason i’m not buying is cuz i don’t have 360 or ps3. you holier than thou people need to sit back and relax. if it’s not your thing, whatever. deal. or cry. who cares.

  • normalgamer says :

    Who cares if a 3-dimensional prostitute dies?

    This game is rated 17+ so only adults can play it, most adults have the ability to separate real life and video games, nobody is forcing them to kill a prostitute, it is merely done out of laughs, and the fact it’s a VIDEO GAME and simply because you can.

    It would be different if it was a kid playing, not because they would go out and commit the same crime, but because it isn’t something they should be seeing at their age. If your child is playing this game then obviously it’s not the game’s fault, it’s yours.

    If you have a problem with this game, THEN DON’T WATCH VIDEOS ABOUT IT and don’t buy or play it, easy as that, the people who enjoy the series will continue to enjoy it, the bad parents will continue to let their kids play, the good parents will monitor their children’s gaming habits, and the people who bitch will find something new to complain about.

    IGN made this video for fans of the series, as the sleeping with and getting a “refund” prostitute meme has been a long running joke since gta3. get over it.

  • STILTZ says :

    “Stay down before i finish you off”

    LMAO that shit was funny!

    If it was real then I’d be outraged but its just pixels on screen. You people need to lighten up, its only a game man sheesh!

  • YongJoon says :

    I have played all of the games in the Grand Theft Auto series, and I can say that I do not go out of my way to either kill or procure the services of the prostitutes in the game. If I decide to go on a killing spree, it is generally indiscriminate, but sometimes I will focus on one thing, such as sniping people out of cars, blowing up only cars, etc., and this is generally to try and improve on some game-related skill for missions. I don’t normally run around killing people in the game, though, and I generally try to avoid killing cops, unless I absolutely have to in order to finish a mission.

    As others have said, the game does not at any time tell you that you should kill a prostitute, unless it is necessitated by a mission. It is also worth noting that the main love interest of Grand Theft Auto III is a prostitute, and the last mission involves saving her from mafia thugs holding her hostage. None of the games have said explicitly in either a message, dialogue, or cutscene (at least that I can remember) that one should kill a prostitute for her money, or that the player can sleep with one. Also, prostitutes, on average, give about as much money as other people; in the past, it was random chance that a killed NPC would give a large portion of cash. A regular looking old lady could be run over accidentally during a chase, and huge pool of cash could form around her.

    Unless the women are being played up specifically for some sort of commentary, satire, or likewise, the female characters are generally portrayed as objectively as everyone else in the game: not very objectively at all. But that is kind of the point; no one in the game is free from parody, mocking, or derision. Liberal, conservative, conspiracy theorist, prostitute, wannabe-gangsta, mafia, Japanese yakuza, Chinese triad…you name it, GTA has made fun of it, or had you kill it (except in-game children npcs.) Which is not to say that every character is a walking treasure-trove of stereotypes. The main plot of GTA:San Andreas had to do with a complicated plot revolving around the main character’s mother being killed by people he thought were his friends.

    Many of the characters within the game are portrayed as normal individuals, often in extraordinary circumstances, or thrust into extreme situations which force the worst out of them, or have them cope the way you or I would cope in such a situation. This is a common literary and film technique, thrusting a normal person into extreme duress, so as to elicit feelings of empathy with his or her situation. And that is one of the draws of the “sandbox” style gameply. Being given complete control over someone’s actions without any fear of real-world repercussions is cathartic, the same way that Greek theater was created to be cathartic, to have people experience pain, love, lust, anger, rejection, and the like without actually having to experience them. Just as you or I have the option of killing a hooker in real life, the in-game avatar has that option. And, just like in real life, the individual has the option whether or not to act on those impulses. I think there is a definite place for games like this, just as there is a place for other forms of entertainment, such as pornography, film, performance art, and the like.

    As someone once said, “Video games cause people to become violent! Any minute now, a crazed gamer could storm into this room, and stomp on our heads like turtles, looking for power-ups!”

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  • Rockwell says :

    the nasty talk from the virtual hookers had me lollering. the voice actors must have been dying laughing in between takes

  • danger says :

    yup. this is graphic. and there’s nothing wrong with it. if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. don’t buy it for your kids. don’t play it with your kids. it’s an adult game made for adult video-game players. I’m 25 and my fiance is 24 and we both love playing GTA 4. That emasculated male crap is BS. If people were a little less uptight in this country, they might actually enjoy a new entertainment experience as opposed to zoning-out in front of violent sexualized television and movies. People should worry more about what they teach their kids instead of relying on the government and the mass media to do it for them.

  • StiningVelvet says :

    It’s satire… people don’t seem to realize this. It’s no worse than South Park, which last I checked no one even bothered calling controversial anymore.

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  • w00t w99t says :

    well the way they portray it this seems wrong…however you have to realize that someone made this clip not and the game ISN’T about “killing women” I think people should focus more on the story rather than the bounds this games doesn’t seem to have.

    of course you can kill womem in this game, but you can kill anyone on the streets as well…obviously you’re pointing the finger at the wrong people, however, the creators are the ones responsible so they should warn people about the game’s endless bounds

  • Tay says :

    I hate to burst your tyraid amber but “cognitive dissonance” is not a big word. Its a pretty common place term. But nice job trying to attack the person, rather than the issue.

  • Brad says :

    Hear hear, YONGJOON! Well said!

  • Brittney says :

    GTA is a video game. It is for entertainment purposes only. Why must everyone take it so seriously. If you don’t like it, don’t play it and don’t watch videos about it. People do this stuff in real life and nobody cares. You can see stuff like this in movies and no one gives a damn. Why do people have a heart attack when someone puts it in a video game?

  • Bored Housewife says :

    Think of the children!

  • UserQQQQ says :

    dude that was hilarious. I’m not a GTA fan since I prefer the Top down versions (GTA, GTA II, GTA Advance) but that was still ihlarious.

  • Mike says :

    Rated M for a reason. if you don’t like what you see don’t play it

  • Vicious says :

    lol, funny, people getting up in arms about shit that isn’t a big deal. It’s just a fucking game. Anyone who thinks they can really do that in life is a moron anyways. They’ll go to jail, possibly for life, and no one will give a shit about em. I enjoy this game, I don’t care about doing that, that kinda stuff is boring. I like to see what crazy stunts and crap I can do lol. And lol at the moron saying “only men you can’t get laid enjoy this game”. You are prolly one of the biggest idiots on the interweb, good job!

  • John says :

    Where does this idea come from that killing prostitutes is somehow an intrinsic aspect of GTA? I never even knew you could “employ their services” until all the hype about it came out. It’s just like doing crack - occasionally you’ll be offered it, if you say yes nothing much happens, you lose a lot of money, and you’re tempted to get your money back the only way you’re able to (strangely GTA’s hookers and dealers don’t offer refunds). Unlike killing crack dealers, (1) you don’t tend to get a huge amount of money, so it’s not really worth it, (2) you’re never, to my memory, required to do it for a mission, and (3) there aren’t the undercurrents of misogyny and immorality that are so effective at selling a newspaper.

    Personally, my favourite killing sprees are Elvis impersonators (it’s just fun) and Triads (you get AK-47s!) - apparently GTA 2 had Hare Krishna, wish they’d kept them in…

    As for the video - ew. OTT. Brought up an interesting memory though - I was playing San Andreas with my 13 year old cousin, and (in my extra-sensitive babystter mindset) the language bothered me more than the violence. I mean, i knew he wasn’t going to -repeat- the violence…

  • Riprip says :

    Game needs zombies, but s/l is good despite the increase in violence (executions), sex (animations during prostitute encounters), and language (NPCs drop the f-bomb for everything from crashing full speed into their rides to barely bumping into them when you’re walking on the street).

    more zombies plz

  • Riprip says :

    oyeah, @ NORMALGAMER [in support]:

    this type of game is called a “sand-box” for a reason; there’s no linear path and there’s lots of things for you to do to keep yourself entertained. look atta 3 year-old in a sandbox fulla toys and watch the ridiculous things he/she’ll do. some people play games for story, some to relieve stress, some to do things they can’t do in real life, and some just to do stupid stuff for laughs.

  • videogaming247 » Bl… says :

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  • Hary\ry says :

    Just to repeat what has already been said and to address a few misconceptions about the game (at least play the game before you criticize it. You can’t believe what Fox, politicians, etc. say about violent video games as a lot of the time it’s exaggerated or just wrong).

    For the sake of disclosure, I have not played GTA IV. I have played its prequel, GTA: San Andreas, and GTA II.

    1) That video isn’t created by the developer or publisher of the game. It was created by IGN, a video game enthusiast website.

    2) The games give you little incentive to kill people indiscriminately. In GTA: San Andreas, killing a hooker or random pedestrian would net the player no more than a few hundred dollars. In comparison, killing a drug dealer netted the player several thousand dollars. Completing missions (many of these missions required the player to break some kind of law) would net the player any where from a few hundred to 100,000 dollars. But the easiest way to make money was through gambling. I easily made over 2 million dollars in a few hours just by playing video poker in game.

    3) The player’s character is not a “Bad guy”. He is a criminal and an antihero, but he doesn’t do bad things for the sake of being bad (the player might choose to go on a pedestrian killing rampage, but the character will never to do so in the storyline). You can think of the player character as being similar to Michael Corleone from the Godfather. Both are criminals and flawed heroes, but they’re not “bad”.

    Personally, I play the game for several reasons (in no particular order):

    1) It’s a good catharsis. It’s great to be able to cool off by just blowing up a few cars, or killing a few virtual strangers. It’s much better than throwing a tantrum or just stewing over it for hours.

    2) I like the story. The games are pretty well-written and I do care about what happens to the various characters.

    3) It is very fun to explore the game world. The world is large and fairly dynamic. It’s fun to just take a motorbike and ride around the countryside, or to take a sports car and jump off a ramp.

  • likedamaster says :

    Although I’ve clocked in significant hours in the game.. I think this clip in part is a little disturbing. Not a very good promo clip.

  • Lux Alptraum says :


    “Where does this idea come from that killing prostitutes is somehow an intrinsic aspect of GTA?”

    Well, if you’ve never played the game (hey, it happens!) and this IGN clip is your first exposure to it, I think you could be forgiven for making the assumption that the game is about killing prostitutes.

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  • Oneye says :

    My god .. its a Game for MEN… .Every game doesn’t have to be a epic game of Class… this game is a reflection of the male psyche.. Sure its Rude and tasteless ..and iam sure much more .. but so is Country Music and Dr Phil and Michelle Jackson and President Bush AND LOOK HOW FAMOUS THEY ARE .. But in the end … ……ITS A GAME …WHO CARES.. U say those who play it need a life.. WELL .. i say not as much as the idiot who writes on this message board complaining about the game and those who play it .. As for me .. Well iam married with Kids … so NO .. i havn’t a LIFE.. just a game where my psyche can kill,shoot,and rob in peace..

  • Darren says :

    Drake: The game is not about killing women it’s about freedom.

    Yes , millions of young males glued to their video screens for an endless amount of hours each day. Hours of their lives that they will never get back. Sounds like freedom to me.
    “Almost” grown men waiting in line in the cold and rain or through the early hours of the night just to buy a video game that appeals to their lowest form of intellect. Freedom indeed!
    Seriously, Is this how far our species has evolved?

  • Lux Alptraum says :


    Who says it’s a game for men? I know several ladies who play it, including some who have commented on this thread.

  • brookebomber says :

    XORN: first off, i am a girl. and i play a lot of video games. the reason why i like GTA is the same reason why i like, say.. Crackdown. the open-ended madness that one can create on their own terms. i actually did not have any interest in this new GTA because, as some of you may remember, there was a scandal with the last San Andreas GTA involving a sex scene. it annoyed the shit out of me to see people upset about it, because at the end of the day, that video game is rated M for Mature.. which means people 18+ are only allowed to play it. i dont see why Rockstar’s creative team should be reamed over their right to create a video game that can be played however you want to play it.

    let’s all look at this in an honest, business manner. this is a video game about a criminal. what does the average criminal spend his time doing? drugs? sleeping with prostitutes? if that is the case, then this game is ON TARGET.

    i just am concerned with the fact that anyone is even threatened by this kind of crap. who cares if emasculated men play this game to get off because they are too fat to get laid on their own merit? let them do it! it’s not like you should feel sorry for them.. or be threatened by them.

  • brookebomber says :

    by the way, if anyone wants to play with me on xbox live, my gamertag is BRAWESOME. let’s kill some hookers.

  • Xorn Smith says :

    BROOKEBOMBER: I saw from your blog that you were female; if you look at my post I just say “those” or “people” who enjoy violence against women. It’s not exclusively a male purview.

    I don’t think the game should be banned, nor am I threatened by it or those who play it. I’m just honestly trying to understand what people get out of the game in my too-curious-for-my-own good way. I appreciate your comments as well as those of RICHARD, YONGJOON, and HARY/RY above on that score.

    I have an interest in behavioral science and abnormal psychology and I’m always interested when “normal” people engage in anti-social behavior vicariously through one form of entertainment or another. Hey, we’re the society that made Hannibal Lecter a hero, remember?

    I mentioned people above who get off on movies like “Hostel.” I’m not condemning them, nor GTA players…I’ve had some interesting tastes in my own time…I’m just intrigued to pull the curtain back and see what people get out of different stuff…it’s also interesting to me how people who would never think to call a sex worker so much as a bad name in real life, will cyber-act out their killing. It’s like the mild-mannered accountant who has the basement full of bondage porn…it’s not wrong per se, it’s just kind of fascinating…as much for the fact that people who enjoy such things are *not* sociopaths in real life, but may be upstanding (even healthy) members of society.

    I also think, as numerous others have already pointed out, the IGN video got this whole thing off on the wrong foot…it seemed like the game was being sold exclusively on the kill-a-sex-worker theme.

    And just to be accurate…most criminals may spend time sleeping with prostitutes. Very few kill them. The ones that do usually have non-economic reasons for doing so. The ones that do are, well, usually sociopaths with sexual sadism issues. So just to be perfectly clear, that’s who you’re emulating when you cyber-kill hookers, not your average, garden-variety criminal or even an exceptional criminal (e.g., Michael Corleone, Tony Soprano, John Gotti, or whomever). Killing hookers is more the purview of the Ted Bundy’s of the world. Just something to think about.

    Peace out.

  • brookebomber says :

    oh i’m aware. im not saying ALL criminals kills hookers, but im also sure not everyone who plays the game kills hookers. you know what i find creepier than the ability to demolish everyone you come across in GTA? the Sims. all of the add ons and expansion packs to play a game that simulates what you should be doing with your life at that very moment? at least GTA is a fantasy world (or meant to be something like one)… why doesn’t anyone think it’s insane that people simulate an entire existence of a city, having babies, getting pets, working…

    all im saying is if the end of the world is near (and it obviously is) that i should be allowed to bang and kill hookers in a virtual video game if i choose to. it’s better to emulate Ted Bundy in a video game than to emulate him in real life, eh?

  • Lux Alptraum says :


    I misread Ted Bundy as Al Bundy, and boy was I confused.

  • Darren says :

    I don’t argue anyone’s right to play these games and take part in depraved video games. I just wonder if people could be doing better things with their time, especially if the world is about to end like you suggest. Just wondering and expressing my thought on the whole video game phenomenon.When I think about how much time we have on this planet, I just can’t understand how people feel the need to fantasize about jacking cars, shooting cops, as well banging and killing prostitutes.

    I once heard someone say you can tell far a society has evolved by looking at the things they call entertainment. If thats true, it really worries me how we are progressing as a people. To each their own, I guess.

  • Kendra says :

    It’s just a game people.It is completly up to you to pick up hookers and kill them it’s not like you Have to do it.As for the big argument about children playing this game…there is a reason you can only buy the game if you are over 18…parents stop buying your kids the game and then complaining about them watching it..cause thats the only way there gonna play it..someone over 18 has to buy it for them.

    As for society..Japan and other places have stuff like this on t.v and sex shops just about everywhere and they have the lowest crime rate and the highest education rate.Maybe the u.s should stop worrying about the entertainment so much and focus on how our kids are one of the dumbest in the world.(and no im not calling all u.s kids dumb)

  • grow says :

    The purpose of all the woman-hating is to make a whole generation of young men who can not relate at all to real women. Guess what those lonely men will do instead of having real relationships? They will BUY MORE VIDEO GAMES.

    It’s the same thinking behind porn. Get men to treat women like crap and think it’s normal. That leads to more lonely men who then buy more porn. The pornographers get rich, the lonely guys get all righteous about their rights and scream “it’s only a game”, “it’s only a video.’

    Meanwhile the gamemakers and pornographers laugh all the way to the bank.

  • Lux Alptraum says :


    I have to disagree with the assumption that porn makes men a) think treating women like crap is normal or b) treat women like crap, period. Just putting it out there as someone who gets paid to review porn (and also works with men who do the same, and who have healthy relationships that don’t involve them treating their partners like crap).

  • IGN, GTA IV & Hypocri… says :

    […] Thursday IGN posted a video trailer titled “Ladies of Liberty City: Very Bad Things”. The video contained game-footage of […]

  • Hollywooddave says :

    everyone misses the point - yes it is game, yes you can play for fun as the game is a game, and okay many of you say you’ll get laid anyway, who cares, but the underlying tone of violence and degradation is still there - you can not deny that - enough viewing of the content by anyone, including the less mature and younger adult male, will have an impact and it will, over time, seed their outlook towards violence and sex - and to dismiss the underlying message and just say it does not is foolish.

  • brookebomber says :

    hollywooddave, the only way a child is going to get their hands on this game is if their parents allow them to. i think it’s less an issue of the game being too graphic (which it is not more offensive than most movies) and more of an issue with being a good parent. don’t blame video games because people don’t know how to raise a child. it’s a tired argument.

  • Gamer4Life says :

    Anyone remember Sex Olympics or the Leisure Suit Larry series? Same deal, different era.

  • AO says :

    Ever watch movies? i dont see anyone complaining about them

  • v8truckin says :

    Xorn & Darren

    Why is that you people think gamers play games to fulfill some life long dream of being something they could never be in life? Our that they are fantasizing a life they want to live? Can’t people just play a video game because they like it? Just because you drink coffee everyday doesn’t mean you want to fullfill a dream and move to colombia and grow beans and maybe smuggle a few pounds of cocaine with a few shipments of coffee? Or maybe it does, as you idiotic insights suggest.

    I am actually a well off man with a great job with PG&E and have had plenty of women in my life and have a life, but I have never fantasized about living the life of Niko Balic from GTA. I don’t wanna kill the girl I just bagged becuase I played GTA or I don’t wanna go run over the next pedestrian for the hell of it! I play the game cus its fun and has an interesting storyline nothing more nothing less. SO ACCEPT IT!

    Brookebomber, you are the bomb!

    We are talking to walls here. They will never see GTA as just a game and will always see it as something that motivates younger adults to a life of violence.

  • Darren says :

    I am sorry that you were so offended by our “idiotic” insights. If you read them correctly you would see that we do not argue your right to play the game. I just find myself dumbstruck at what one finds so enjoyable. As far as your “intelligent” comparison to coffee I see your point. Well, not really. To compare drinking coffee to playing GTA proves that you really miss the point. As for the interesting storyline, I don’t see it & I don’t buy it. Really, I’ve seen the game and I’ve seen people play it. Playing some thug who goes around shooting people,jacking cars and having sex with prostitutes etc. is quite unoriginal and boring. However, it is SHOCKING and I think THAT is the motivation behind it all. We get to be the bad ass for a couple hours of our boring lives. We get to act out the rebelliousness we never get the chance to. To me, thats more understandable coming from teens. Coming from adults, it’s just kinda sad. As for fun, why exactly is it so much fun for you? You quickly got offended but never explained why it is so much fun? What do you think of and what do you feel when playing the game? Oh and also, as for the “its just a game” excuse, consider this. What do the military and police forces use to train their members eye hand coordination and the ability to shoot quickly with accuracy and without deep thought or feeling? Hmmm… Video game simulations. In recent school shootings, experts have been amazed at the accuracy that these young non-military perpetrators possess. As for the “parents should watch what there kids do” excuse, I agree. However, we all know that ther are kids who have crappy parents with all sorts of problems. Instead of being a culture that supports them, we have become a culture that says “screw em’, their not my problem.” Thats a bad sign and we should all be ashamed of ourselves.

  • v8truckin says :

    I am not the person that is offended. Its people like you that are offended. That is why this thread was started, isn’t it?

    As for my comparison, it is actually right on. This game is something people enjoy in the comfort of their own home and does no harm to others, such as coffe you enjoy it in your home.

    The game is fun because it is. Why is it that it must be more than that?

    As for your idiotic insights you once again prove it by the last part of you post. Please show me your degree in psychoanalytical studies and then I’ll beleive that games such as GTA have played a factor in stupid stuff todays youth do…….not!

  • Lux Alptraum says :

    First rule of productive arguing: never say “people like you.” It assumes too much about a person you don’t actually know shit about.

    Anyway, this thread was started because Blakeley found that clip and liked it, not because of anyone being offended. Just sayin’.


    LOL I actually found that pretty hilarious especially at the part where Niko says “life is strange don’t you think” and then shoots her to death THEN immediately after that the music comes on XD! Great humor! Also, props to the editing of this vid which made it extra funny! But MOST of all Thankyou Rockstar for creating masterpiece of a game!!!!!! 😀

  • Thinking out loud: Grand … says :

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  • Jim zel says :

    You know what causes more crime and violence against women? A society that cheapens its labor force, outsources it in fact, lowers it’s standard of living for everyone but the top 2%. A society that cracks down on just a hint of a nipple with victorian fervor while selling it back to us in the form of advertising and junk that promises to get us ‘some’. America is F@CKed in the head by it’s own Fascist Corporate Rulers. The new King is Corp, the new Serfs are us.

  • Darkness says :

    There is a lot of people who play this game not for the sex and violence. They play it because video games give people the opportunity to do things they would never dream of doing in real life. Now if a child ends up getting their hands on the game, it is not the fault of the game companies or the retailers. It is the parents fault for buying their children the game. There is no one to blame but the parents. The parents are at fault for buying the game and if they really don’t want the child to have it then don’t buy it. If they have it already then sell it. Get rid of it. Stop pointing your fingers at people because of a child who did something from a video game. That is the parents fault for leaving the child with such a game and bad enough getting the game for their child. People know everything you do in the game is against the law but yes obviously children don’t and why is that? The parents do not teach their children what is real and what is not. So all you parents are at fault for setting such a bad example.

  • Quarterplay » IGN H… says :

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  • Matt says :

    I don’t know if this has been said before or not as i kinda lost track of all the posts (there are a lot of them and all)

    I have played almost all the GTA series at some point 1,2 (both in 2D), 3, Vice City, San Andreas and now IV. As far as i can recall sex workers only seemed to feature from 3 onwards (ie when the game went 3D).

    Using prostitutes and or killing them is not an integral part of the gameyou could quite happily play through without as i have so far in GTA IV. To say that they have never really had a purpose though is not true. Whilst I can’t be sure about the situation in this latest incarnation, it used to be that using their “services” would see a health benefit for your character. In fact it was possible to get the characters health to 125% by use of prostitutes. So sometimes it could be useful before a mission where a firefight seemed very likely.

    As for the killing question:
    1 you don’t have to
    2 you can kill anyone in the game
    3 it is an easy kill to get by just driving over them after yielding at least some of your cash back to spend on guns for that firefight
    4 if the only reason you play GTA is to pick up prostitutes and/or kill them then there is something wrong!

    Then the question of the strip clubs - they don’t do anything for the character per se but in GTA IV one can develop relationships with other characters and when friendly enough can call in various favours eg free taxi etc etc So the strip club can be useful in developing these relationships (different characters like different things)

    Anyway that’s my $0.02!

  • The Gamer’s Reflect… says :

    […] argument gives a tangible example of the childish perspectives that infest our questionable image (Obviously, there are many more). The perverted and racist nature of the stereotypical, ‘core’ […]

  • lost flamingo says :

    “erica says :

    I agree with Nicholas. Grant Theft Auto is obviously for emasculated men who otherwise can’t get laid and feel impotent in their lives (otherwise, why the gratuitous sex and violence against women?).

    Get off on the cartoon, assholes, cuz you won’t be gettin’ any otherwise, losers.”

    yea because when i play gta all i do is have sex with and kill hookers, dumbass

  • Dark Quietus says :

    Ah well, time to meld my thoughts in with the ton of other posters out here.
    GTA IV is not specifically about killing hookers, or strippers, it is not one of it’s selling points, it is simply something you can do. The game treats them exactly like people, something some of you haven’t grasped, what would be the point of the game protecting those in the industry, but letting you kill every bystand on the sidewalk.
    There are of course going to be some who pick up this game simply to kill hookers, just as there are going to be some who pick up sleeping pills to kill their spouses.

    GTA is simply an outlet for doing things that you simply can’t do in real life.
    I for one use GTA to have fun with exotic cars, and to explore all the ‘what if…’s. Getting involved in fire fights, or simply killing someone because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time is an option, and generally fun too.
    Sometimes I like to just wander around, watch people live their lives, oblivious to the bystander, combined with the fact that this is a world where a car crash and an angry fight is merely 5 split seconds away, this is enough to entertain me for hours.

  • F3nris says :

    The problem is, it is a sandbox.

    In this game, you are a character in a world.

    You don’t HAVE to do anything.

    You don’t HAVE to kill anyone.

    You don’t HAVE to do missions.

    You don’t HAVE to steal cars.

    If you don’t do any of these actions, it’s not game over, it doesn’t penalize players for not doing any of these actions.

    Wheres the uproar over the firetruck or ambulance minigames?

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