May 13, 2008
Gold Bond Is The Breath Mint For Your Balls

When I developed a itchy rash on my foot after breaking in some new checkerboard Vans without wearing socks, I went down to my local drug store and picked up some Gold Bond cream to keep the itching away. Not only did it work — I also stumbled upon one of the greatest things ever.

We’ve all seen those cheesy late night commercials featuring the hicks and seniors who claim that Gold Bond does wonders for whatever it is that ails them. Gold Bond has the look and feel of a throwback to the days of snake oil cure-all’s and Grandpa’s medicine cabinet. But I’m attracted still to it’s manly aura, and since it’s been around forever, I figured it must work.

I was alone in my bathroom. After taking care of my itchy foot, I looked down and noticed I had a lot of Gold Bond left over. I slowly looked down at my lotion filled hand… and then I looked down at my balls… I even did a quick double take to make sure no one was in my bathroom watching me. Then I did it: I slowly rubbed the excess lotion in between my legs and my balls.

At first, nothing happened — just the feeling of lotion. But then, without warning the lotion on my balls began to feel warm, and started to tingle; then it became so warm that it actually felt cold, but it continued to tingle in various places intermittently. It was just like that gum with the flavor crystals: a tingle here, a pop there, an overall overwhelming warm cooling sensation everywhere.

I felt like my balls were the stars of their very own super sweet sixteen party. The rest of me had never felt so much alive and confident.

But it quickly occured to me that I might have been seriously messing around with the overall health of my balls. Naturally, I hadn’t read the box, so I had no idea what that wonderful sensation was. For all I knew the box could have read: WHATEVER YOU DO KEEP THIS GOLD BOND CREME AWAY FROM YOUR BALLS NO MATTER HOW GOOD IT MIGHT FEEL!!!

I did what anyone would do. I ran to go grab the box (though since I’d already thrown it out, I had to do a little bit digging). I found it and read it as quickly as possible. No warnings or mention of balls or the medical term “testicles” anywhere.

But wait: would they really put the word “balls” on a box? What kind of moron would even think of rubbing this on their balls anyway?

Off to the internet I went. I typed Gold Bond and balls into Google. The first thing that came up was this internet thread titled “Gold Bond On Your Balls Feels Good.”

“Thankfully I’m not the only idiot who’s done this,” I thought. But for all I knew, this guy who had written this could be sterile already. Hell, his balls could have already fallen off.

I needed more information, and quickly! The next thing I found was this Onion article with the headline “Gold Bond Spokesman Grudgingly Admits It Makes Your Balls Tingle.” My blood pressure immediately began to drop and I became way more relaxed about this whole balls falling off thing. Surely, The Onion wouldn’t joke about something you shouldn’t put on your balls, would they?

But what about the official Gold Bond website? Maybe they weren’t ballsy enough to type anything on their box about rubbing this all over your balls for the greatest sensation ever… but on the internet, they just might! I easily found the frequently asked questions page, but sadly saw no mention of balls anywhere.

Just when I was about to give up I saw an ad at the bottom of the page that read: Powder Your Equipment. Could they cleverly be using the word “equipment” as a substitute for balls? No way… I clicked and this ad popped up:

There are many more just like it at Gold Bond’s “Powder My Equipment” website, but I thought the foreign soccer player was the best.

So everything is going to be all right after all. Since then, I haven’t been using Gold Bond everyday but I do whenever I’m about to go out for a night on a town and need a little pick me up before I head out the door. I have yet to try the traditional powdered version, but it looks too messy to be throwing down my pants.

I just wish that someone had told me about this sooner. Thanks for nothing, Grandpa!

[Disclaimer: Though Richard Blakeley turned out okay, we strongly discourage rubbing foreign lotions and creams on your testicles without expressly checking to make sure it’s okay first. Due to the high number of blood vessels in the skin of the scrotum, it’s actually some of the most absorbent skin on the body, which can make it very dangerous to, well, experiment with.]

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  • Nick McGlynn says :

    haha, we use to put this on our balls at boarding school and see who would break first!

  • Mark says :

    I’ve heard that long-ride bicyclists use gold bond to prevent their thighs and balls from chafing, so it must be okay… Who knew that they were feeling a little extra oomph while they ride!?

  • Irene Kaoru says :

    Wow. I never knew this was a thing. Boys are so weird.

  • al oof says :

    my old drummer described gold bond on his testicles as “like elves blowing gently on your nuts.” that said, i don’t think i’ve ever seen a commercial for gold bond. but i kind of wish i had nuts to try it out.

    another fun nut rub is apparently peppermint dr. bronners.

  • Xorn Smith says :

    There are some things you’ll always remember in life.

    Your first report at school.

    Your first trip to Yankee stadium.

    Your first hand job.

    I will always remember where I was and what I was doing when I read about Richard Blakeley discovering the tactile wonders of rubbing Gold Bond on his balls.

    I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. You don’t get shit like this on Nerve.

  • r@d@r says :

    the main concern is whether the talc contained in gold bond is of the non-asbestiform fiber variety; according to some controversial scientific studies out there, it might be associated with certain cancers.

    however if you’re the sort of dude who uses regular antiperspirant without worrying too much about alzheimer’s disease, you probably won’t care. balls away!

  • Lifetime Bonder says :

    I discovered the wonders of Gold Bond after a day of hiking when I was quite chafed afterwards. Since then, I’ve bonded like it’s my job nearly everyday. Careful though, it’s like an addiction, first the yellow, then the extra strength green, then the blue foot powder with even more menthol. I wish they made an extra extra strength one. The powder is much better, feels much less disgusting when you apply.

    Summer’s coming. Stock up.

  • flyer says :

    There was a tremendously funny video some Air Force guys made a few years ago, song and all, about this very phenomenon. Impossible to find now.

    That is presumably the genesis of the “golden breathmint for my balls” line.

  • signal response » B&hellip says :

    […] quotes is entirely unnecessary. Yes, we get it, you can use Gold Bond on your balls. Head over to Boinkology to read the original source which is, um, hilariously […]

  • Timothy J says :


    I used the Gold Bond powder. And as the old drummer above says, it’s “like elves blowing gently on your nuts.”

    A wonderful feeling. But beware.

    If you happen to get “lucky” one night wearing your GB powder, your female friend may not be as “receptive” to these elves as you are, as your elves are blowing externally, and after relations, your female friend’s elves start blowing internally!

    Lets just say, my girlfriend (now my wife) banned the use of GB and I was forced to switch to J&J baby powder.

    I miss it, but her shrieking is not missed.

    Beware of Gold Bond “bonding”!

  • alpha says :

    it is very good. i like it.

  • doublestrength4me says :

    Wow! Have you guys ever been missing out, ane welcome to the cool ball crew. I’ve been “hooked” on the powder for years. Got turned on to it by a buddy @ dead shows who powdered before each gig. Innocently I asked, “what’s it like?”, and applied quite liberally. I was instantly met with the smooth, calming sensation similar to the one that folks enjoy when eating a York peppermint patty. Except it was on my balls! Hooray for cool balls!!

  • Matthew says :

    I just want to know if goldbond is bad for the balls

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