May 16, 2008
Commenter Of The Week

Here at Boinkology, we love our commenters — and we want to show them that love. Every week, we pick our favorite comment, and celebrate the commenter with a little gift.

This week, our hearts were stolen by Karen Rayne‘s description of her local condom “crotch” aisle:

In our condom aisles here in Austin we have your full range of crotch-related product needs. Yep, our Crotch Aisles generally include everything from those things you mentioned (tampons, pads, yeast infection medication, pregnancy tests), PLUS diapers and diaper-related needs for the young *and* the old.

I often wonder about the folks who decide how to group products in these stores:

“So, let’s see, we don’t want the male shoppers to have to see the tampons and pads, so we should put them with things that only women buy.”

“Yeah, like diapers! And other baby things!”

“Okay, good, we’ve got tampons, pads, and babies together. Now we do have a ton of things things, but it’ll only cover about 3/4 of the aisle. What else should we add in?”

“Well, diapers and tampons and pads are all things that relate to…you know…down there. Maybe we should put other things for…you know…down there in the same aisle.”

“Urg…fine, just put all the things I wouldn’t want to be caught dead buying in that aisle and hope other people actually do want to buy them. Now let’s move on to more healthy, supportive aisles like the frozen dinners or beer aisles!”

Karen, you get your very own drugstore vibrator (what every woman wants!).

And for the rest of you… what’s in your condom aisle?

[Photo by grrrrl]

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