May 16, 2008
That’s What She Said. No Time! But She Said It.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that for the past six months [Ed. At least!] I have been saying “That’s what she said!” far too often. But come on now: does saying over and over again ever get old?

First off, that’s what she said. Secondly, not until your friends stop saying it too.

In the clip below The Office brings us us even more timeless “That’s what she said” moments.

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  • That's what she says :

    … see what I did there? huh?

  • The Flaming Swimming Ghos… says :

    [...] A wonderful collection of “That’s what she said’s” from The Office. [...]

  • notv2big says :

    That was a funny ass video,…”Thats what she said”

  •… says :

    [...] BOINKOLOGY | That’s What She Said. No Time! But She Said It. thats what she said. (tags: theoffice tv comedy compilation) No Comments [...]

  • Pam B. says :

    Good stuff… that’s what she said.

  • The Zoner says :

    It never, ever gets old. I said it like 8 times yesterday on the golf course. I mean, it may get old for the people that have to hear it, but I do it mostly for my amusement anyway.

    Keep on keeping on!

    That’s what she said.

  • BSP says :

    That didn’t last as long as I expected……..that’s what she said

  • Things to make you (me?) … says :

    [...] video compilation of “That’s What She Said” quotes from The [...]

  • Amanda says :

    Have 3 kids and my husband works from home. The other morning, my daughter (2) was at the breakfast table spooning her yogurt from the container into her cereal. I said “No, honey. That’s not where the yogurt goes.” Enter my husband muttering under his breath: “That’s what she said.”
    One more: My son (4) was eating a popsicle VERY slowly and it was melting down his arm. I said “Lick it or I’m throwing it away.” Again, my husband: “That’s what she said.”

  • Mike says :

    This is awsome…that’s what she said.

  • Jordan says :

    This is fantastic, thanks!

  • Adam says :

    I’ve been putting a list together of the time’s I’ve said it, along with the real context. Here are some of them:

    I will forget that in 2 minutes (friend, on remembering names)
    It’s so good when you put stuff in there (talking about the slow cooker)
    I’m just dyin’ to put my lips around it (Paula Deen talking about eating her meatloaf)
    (It’s a convertible), when it comes up it’s hard (guy at the L.A. auto show, talking about the Mercedes-Benz SLK)
    That’s the last thing I wanted to see (My roommate playing poker online)

  • Lizzy says :

    one time we were trying on shoes and my sister said “it wont fit!” THATS WHAT SHE SAID

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