May 22, 2008
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Federal Sex Survey Demonstrates Decline in Teenage Oral Sex

SUBMITTED BY TWENTYSOMETHING TALES: Teens these days generally get a bad rep - they’re out there drinking, getting into car accidents, and especially, having all those wild oral sex parties. Or so we thought.

According to a new federal survey, teenagers aren’t commonly engaging in oral sex as a way to preserve their virginity. Findings report that of the 2,200 males and females questioned, more than half reported having had oral sex. But, those who identified as virgins were much less likely to say they had tried it than those who had already had sexual intercourse.

The study also implicates that criticism focused on abstinence eduction and a rise in oral sex should be dismissed:

Proponents of sex education programs that focus on abstinence said the findings debunked the criticism that the approach was inadvertently prompting more teens to have oral sex, which still carries the risk of sexually transmitted disease, in order to preserve their virginity.

Yet, it’s far from safe to say that the kids are alright. Just because teens are refraining from oral sex as a way to stay virginal, doesn’t mean that they’re not doing the nasty anyhow.

Survey Debunks Teen Sex Belief []

[Photo by drurydrama]

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  • al oof says :

    has anyone criticized abstinence education for leading kids to have oral sex anyway? i hadn’t heard that. the criticism i heard was that kids who receive abs. ed. would have sex later than other kids (by about 6 months) but that when they did have sex (just 6 months later in their lives than other kids) they wouldn’t use any protection.

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