BY Lux Alptraum
May 28, 2008
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Surprise! You’re Pregnant!

Unplanned pregnancies are a fairly common occurrence in the land of cinema. And for good reason, too: they’re an excellent plot twist. What better way to shake up a character’s life, make them reconsider their life choices, than by putting a baby in the mix?

But there’s still something we can’t quite get past: how, exactly, are all these movie vixens getting knocked up, exactly? Sure, some movies provide an explanation (the condom broke, drunk sex led to no condom, there was no condom at all, etc) — but in more than a few cases, we’re simply presented with a character who, as if by divine intervention, finds herself in the family way.

What, exactly, is going on? Are filmmakers just lazy? Do they want us to believe that characters — even characters who are otherwise portrayed as smart and responsible — are just randomly having unprotected sex? And if not, is there a reason why they’re not telling us just how these fetuses are (surprise!) winding up inside these uteri?

Inquiring minds want to know.

[Photo by keylime]

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