BY Lux Alptraum
June 4, 2008
Is Sex An Impossible Sell?

A recent piece over at Tilzy.TV asks the eternal question:can a website about sex secure ad revenue? Or does sex sell everything but ad space?

To answer this question, the article offers up the example of “The Midwest Teen Sex Show,” arguably one of the most popular sex-related podcasts out there. Despite its sizable following (about 400,000 viewers tune in to each episode), the show is still in the red after a year in production. Is this a sign that sex really is advertising kryptonite?

Well, yes and no. As friend of Boinkology Audacia Ray points out in the piece’s comments, “The Midwest Teen Sex Show”’s issue isn’t simply that it deals with sex. After all, there are sex-related websites that are able to make money: it’s just that most of them benefit from being a part of porn site affiliate programs or by running ads promoting other “adult” content, avenues that are not open to website about adolescent sexuality can’t participate in.

Yes, advertiser squeamishness about sex makes it hard for sex-related websites to secure advertising (or at least mainstream advertising). But cultural squeamishness about adolescent sexuality makes it near impossible for something like “The Midwest Teen Sex Show” to secure any advertising at all, even advertising that seems like a natural fit (condom ads? Not a chance for a site that caters to the under 18 set.).

Let’s just do away with that, and we’ll all be golden.

[Photo by Scarlet Ortiz]

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  • Richard Blakeley says :

    I question if 400,000 “video viewers” is enough to attract andy advertising at all regardless of sexual content because right now getting money for any kind of internet video based venture is a crap shoot at best.

  • Isil says :

    i never understood why old “i pay you to show this product on your show” scheme doesnt work for online videoing.

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