June 19, 2008
Eliminate Panty Lines With The C-String

Ladies, do you love your g-string… except for the nasty panty lines created by the strings on the sides? Consider the c-string, a c-shaped undergarment that promises “No Panty Lines! No Tan Lines!”… and doesn’t look particularly comfortable (but hey, who cares? No panty lines!!).

What we’d really like to see is some kind of undergarment turns the back section into a prong that’s vaginally inserted, and held up solely by the strength of your PC muscles. An undergarment that helps with your Kegels? Brilliant! Alternately, there could be a, uh, back-end version that’s an undergarment/butt plug.

Man, we should patent these ideas, stat.

[Via Naked City]

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  • RoboSheep says :

    Except it’s black so that in situations of pantie lines really showing (White and tan pants) instead everyone will think they are seeing a dark blotch from your pubes…

  • Lux Alptraum says :


    It comes in many colors, not just black.

  • brookebomber says :

    at that point, why even wear underwear? or, i don’t know… stop wearing super tight pants. i mean, there are ways around this guys. who is THAT annoyed with a panty line, anyway? obviously a man created this item.

    oh wait.. two men created this item. i feel so embarrassed when i’m wrong.

  • RoboSheep says :

    Lux is correct, in twelve different colors/patterns there are more than just black, you can also get it in bright blood red for example.

  • Jake says :

    I imagine the buttplug version would be rather more secure… What’s wrong with going commando? If you’re not into that for whatever reason then this does seem like a rather complicated solution!

    Haha it’s entertaining me trying to work out how well it’d stay in one place though…

  • Giania says :

    Your vag and/or buttplug thong idea would make a good discipline (master/slave) toy. “You’ve been bad, you get to wear the plug panties!”

  • Jake says :

    Even better if they put a nice clit friendly ridge down the inside side made of some soft but frictiontastic material. Tight jeans and a brisk walk, perfect.

  • Matt says :

    I have to agree here with Brookebomber… Just go commando. Looks like a solution in need of a problem. It is funny though.

  • jen says :

    That looks like the most uncomfortable thing man has ever created. Ack.

  • Felix says :

    What if fell off while you were dancing?
    Fumbling around for your weirdly shaped underwear in the middle of a club – sexy.

  • Los Ultimo En Tanga &laqu&hellip says :

    […] mAS aQUI […]

  • dadshouse says :

    Okay, I love the kegel version. Think of the vaginal-exercise DVD tie-in. Ladies, did you do your workout today?

  • Jake says :

    Still, while not hanging awkwardly between your legs I bet it would make a great back scratcher!

  • says :

    The kegel idea sounds useful :)

    But i’m just do you clean this “C-String”??

  • al oof says :

    you could just put a pad in your tight pants. i mean, the only reason i can see for these underpants (i refuse to use the p word) would be if you were afraid of staining your pants with massive ovulatoes.

    that said, i don’t even understand g strings. pantylines don’t really bother me. why do i want people to think i’m not wearing underwear when i -am- wearing underwear? if i want people to think i’m not wearing underwear, i just won’t.

  • Joreth says :

    What’s wrong with going commando is that the female genitalia is very sensitive, particularly to abrasive fabrics. Keeping a breathable cotton strip in that area prevents UTIs and yeast infections. Wearing tight jeans without that cotton strip is abrasive and can cause health problems, which, if goes untreated or done regularly, can cause chronic health problems, even in some extreme cases as interfering with fertility.

    But wearing tight pants regularly in general also cause health problems, whether you have the cotton in place or not.

    Also, women do secrete fluids at various times, and the last thing a woman wants is to stand up and have there be a wet spot on the back of her dress or on the couch she was sitting on. If she’s wearing a dress that she doesn’t want panty lines for, it’s unsanitary to go without underwear if she might possibly sit bareback on something – if the skirt is short enough or loose enough that it won’t cover her bottom when she sits. She also might want to wear this in case the skirt really is that short to prevent accidental flashing – a la Britany Spears.

  • al oof says :

    but tight jeans aren’t going to show panty lines. that’s the beauty of jeans. plus jeans are cotton. and skirts should really not be so short you can’t sit down. if they are. there is no point in wearing anything. but maybe i’m old fashioned. i like wearing regular underpants that cover my butt cheeks.

  • Joreth says :

    Jeans being made of cotton doesn’t solve the abrasive problem. And jeans are not the only item of clothing women wear, so panty lines are an issue in other types of clothing.

    It is not up to you to decide how short someone else’s skirt should be. Some of us like wearing short skirts, and some people like it when we do. A skirt doesn’t need to be a micro mini to be “too short to sit down”. When the human body sits, the length between the waist and the knees lengthens, in addition to placing the female genitalia in such a position as to be sitting directly on them (as opposed to male genitalia, which remains up in the lap). A skirt of “reasonable” length, particularly if it’s a loose or flared skirt, can still result in the genitalia coming in contact with the seat or accidentally flashing onlookers when getting in and out of said seat.

    And, as I pointed out, it doesn’t have to come in contact with the seat directly to be a problem. Secreting fluids onto the skirt or pants when one sits down is unsightly.

    The idea of not showing panty lines is not to make people think you are not wearing any, it’s to avoid the sight, thought, or mention of the panty at all. In “old fashioned” views, it doesn’t matter how conservative your underwear is, it should not be visible to the general public, even as an outline through the clothing.

    Removing pantylines is not an implication that one wears no panties. Removing pantylines is avoiding the topic of underwear completely.

  • al oof says :

    i guess joreth i just think that doesn’t make any sense. that pantylines don’t imply being underwearless. i understand -that- people don’t think about it that way, but i’ve never understood -how- they could think that way.

    that said, of course it’s not up to me to decide how short another person’s skirt is, but the idea of my cooch touching a subway seat seriously skeeves me out. i wasn’t thinking about what people should wear, i was talking about why i don’t care about pantylines or particularly understand caring about them.

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