June 23, 2008
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Are Ladies More Likely To Commit? Lesbians Weigh In!

As you’re probably aware, June is Gay Pride Month. To show our gay pride, we’re having Gay Week over at Boinkology: from Monday to Friday, it’s all gay posts, all the gay time.

Now that even more gays are getting married (thanks California!), it’s only natural for the news outlets to start making judgments about hetero relationships based on patterns we see in gay ones. The NY Times has already offered insight on what gay relationships teach us about gender — and now the Detroit Free Press has parsed some data on gay weddings to give us an idea of how men and women approach commitment.

For instance: lesbians are more likely to tie the knot than their gay brethren. In California this Thursday, 60% of gay marriage licenses went to lesbians; and in states that offer legal recognition of gay relationships, committed lesbians outnumber committed gays two to one.

But before you start thinking that ladies are just way more into long term love, consider this: some studies show that gay men who get hitched are far more likely to stay hitched, getting divorced far less frequently than the girl-girl set.

Parse that one, kids.

[Photo by darcyandkat]

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  • al oof says :

    i wonder how the cultural expectation of marriage fits into this. little girls are taught to look forward to their wedding as the most important day of their lives, and girls are taught that, withough regard to their actual sexual orientation (in fact, marriage is largely emphasized with nary a connection to sex or sexuality). and boys don’t receive that same indoctrination.

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