June 24, 2008
Lesbians Banned From Blood Donation… Because Why?

As you’re probably aware, June is Gay Pride Month. To show our gay pride, we’re having Gay Week over at Boinkology: from Monday to Friday, it’s all gay posts, all the gay time.

The Red Cross’s ban on gay male blood donors has always seemed a bit, well, prejudiced. After all, a gay man who has used condoms during every sexual encounter is at no more risk for HIV infection than a straight person — and regardless of risk factors, all donated blood is tested for HIV anyway. But even so, we can sorta see where the Red Cross is coming from with that policy.

Not so much the Chinese ban on lesbian blood donors. Even though lesbians have no history of increased risk of blood borne illness, they’re still banned from donating blood. It seems that there’s a blanket ban on anyone who’s had same-sex contact — regardless of the sex of the individual.

Call us crazy, but more blood in the blood bank seems like a good thing. Maybe we should just let people donate blood… regardless of their sexual preference.

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  • Joreth says :

    When the screening process includes a very good method of detecting HIV and Hepatitus (as ours does), the only reason to discriminate against “high-risk” groups is to eliminate the amount of time and resources wasted on “bad blood”.

    But, that being said, lesbians are not in a high-risk category and plenty of straight people have just awful track records for safety.

    And the plasma centers in the US keep a database so that people with bad plasma can’t just change their name and go to another center. If you get banned from one center, you’re banned from them all. This sounds like a public service to me – especially if the person trying to donate the plasma didn’t know he was infected to begin with.

    So, in my opinion, let them come in and get tested – if they’re clean, let them donate! It would give us the blood we so desperately need and let them know their own health status if they don’t already.

  • Dante says :

    Maybe it’s because they don’t want to infect straight people with the gay-disease? It is in your blood, right?

  • Ian Cooper says :

    Look, maybe the Chinese government knows something we don’t. I mean what if Gay is a virus. It would be really irresponsible of the Chinese government to infect lots of people with gay blood.

    Yes, of course I’m joking, but let’s face it, some folks probably do think that way.

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