June 25, 2008
Gay Kiss Too Steamy For Mayonnaise Ad?

As you’re probably aware, June is Gay Pride Month. To show our gay pride, we’re having Gay Week over at Boinkology: from Monday to Friday, it’s all gay posts, all the gay time.

Heinz recently pulled a mayonnaise ad that featured a gay kiss off of British television, citing viewer complaints. Apparently the sight of two men kissing was enough to, well, put people off their mayonnaise.

Of course, if it had been two women kissing… well, we’re not saying double standard or anything, but you know.

Curious to know what could possibly be steamy enough to boil the blood of British viewers? Check out the ad here:

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  • maymay says :

    Wow. Just. Wow.

    Has Heinz forgotten that this was aired in a continent that aired these safer sex posters?

  • Jake says :

    Those French AIDS adverts are awfully wonderful.

    But as for the advert, pulling that?! That’s ridiculous! The advert is amusing, it’s not at all erotic or graphic, I don’t understand how people over here can be offended! We have far more explict adverts for perfumes etc then a peck on the cheek between two guys, one of whom is even in a feminine role, and people complain? Ridiculous.

  • al oof says :

    wow, i really liked that commercial. it wasn’t gratuitous or anything. and the ny deli guy is totally a famous actor, but that doesn’t seem to be the point either.

    maybe it wasn’t hot enough for the audience?

  • Wendy Blackheart says :

    Aw, that was really cute! I can’t believe people bitched about that.

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