July 1, 2008
Can Breasts Be Too Big?

Well, if you’re asking the federal government, it seems the answer is yes: Sheyla Hershey, a girl from Houston who dreams of having the world’s biggest boobs, was recently denied a ninth boob job, on account of how much silicone was already in her body after the other eight.

See? The government does care about you. Maybe it doesn’t care about your dreams of having gigantic fake breasts, but in its heart, it cares enough to prevent you from pumping yourself full of silicone. And hey, that’s something.

Seriously, though? We’re just kinda conflicted and confused by this story. Yes, big boobs are cool; and yes, women (and men) should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies (even if it seems strange and disturbing to us. But nine boob jobs? It just seems like there’s something a little, well, pathological about that.

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  • Irene Kaoru says :

    I’m kind of surprised at the surgeon who would perform a ninth boob job. What about scar tissue buildup? What about the possible danger to the patient posed by those enormous silicone bags? Do they not care about those things in Brazil? Maybe malpractice insurance is cheaper over there?

  • secondlastwish says :

    The huge boob jobs blow my mind. Don’t they have crazy back problems?

  • Lux Alptraum says :

    That’s what I want to know!

  • Isil says :

    Anyone should get a full psi workout before being allowed to get a plastic surgery, specially the surgeons.

  • Aloof says :

    The actual procedure aside…
    Corsets, good. Exaggerated cleavage, good. Having breasts the size of basketballs, not good. There’s a danger of suffocation, ala plastic bags. Jogging is forever out of the question. Pens and other small objects on your desk will be a constant orbit risk.

    I’m all for things within reason, but this just isn’t reasonable. Or attractive.

  • College Candy » Big&hellip says :

    […] more variety to be had in the size department. Just ask Sheyla Hershey, the woman who was recently denied her 9th boob job. Hershey’s dreams to move up from a FFF-cup to a GG were dashed because apparently, America, […]

  • saudade 1963 says :

    Are we all to become manufactured beings nowadays? I wonder…

  • Can breasts be too big? |&hellip says :

    […] with her body (”Keep your laws off my body!”) like have abortions on demand, but the government denies her a boob job. Yeah, that makes sense. Topics: Continuing Education | Leave a Comment […]

  • Kiki says :

    Wow, this girl is my heroin! I had three boobjobs, went from 32B to 32FF and planning to make them even bigger! I love how enormous and fake they look on my slim figure. They must burst out of my bra! I’ll get on your lap, shake my melons and push them in your face! then I will tall to you again!!!


  • Xodar says :

    If they’re natural, boobs can’t be too big.

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