July 2, 2008
Summer Lovin’

SUBMITTED BY TWENTYSOMETHING TALES: Being that I work for a women’s magazine, it seems both natural and fitting that a lot of my conversations here focus on boys. My boss and I discuss the ones that come into our lives pretty openly, and I find it refreshing to do so.

Back in the beginning of June, we were eating lunch together when she told me I needed to find a summer fling. This, I thought, was an excellent idea, seeing as I knew it foolish to think that my dry spell would end by me walking into some amazing relationship. (I’ve got you NYC dudes figured out, you relationship-bonesluts).

This was all fine and dandy until I realized today that tomorrow is freaking JULY. I am running out of time here. Shitfucker!

Naturally, whenever I need help with something, I turn to Google. But in this scenario, I’m pretty sure that not even Google can find me a guy. Google did tell me, however, that flings can last anywhere from 1-3 months. This means I’m on a strict timetable.

If I want to have a man around for all of August, I need to figure that being both on the same fling page would take anywhere from 7-10 days of work. Can’t sleep with him on a first date, because he likely won’t call again. And you need a good chunk of facetime to make sure this is the one you want to lock down.

Meaning I need to meet him…oh…today. Goddamnit.

[Photo by T. Keller]

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