July 3, 2008
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We’ve Seen The Future, And It’s New York Times Video Vows

The New York Times Vows section has always been an interesting phenomenon, more or less a way for the socially well-connected (or somewhat lucky) to share — and receive validation of — their love on the global scale. It’s touching, cute, and possibly anxiety inducing, depending on your relationship status; on the whole, fluff at its finest.

But now the Times has upped the ante, turning their print feature into a full-on video extravaganza. We know video is the wave of the future, but there’s something fundamentally odd about watching people we neither know or care much about rhapsodize about their relationship. Somehow, the act of transforming the feature from text to video just offers so much more weight to it — and we’re not sure that’s a good thing.

We’re not sure if this is reality TV, YouTube love confessionals, or something completely new; but we just can’t look away. And there’s something kinda terrifying about that.

[Via Nerve]

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  • Garrett says :

    NO. No to this. And I’ll tell you why.

    My parents met when my mom, a young irresponsible party girl, went to my dad, the older super of her building, and asked him to hold half her check so she didn’t blow it and end up eating saltines for a week. She did this for a month until finally my dad said “Hey, how about I take you to a bank”. They went, had coffee and married 2 years later.

    I love that story. I don’t have a goddamn video of my parents telling that story. I have memories of my mom telling me about that when I first got my heartbroken in high school. They’re both gone now, but I love their story to very much.

    No to these people turning their lives into VH1 clips and narcissistic ramblings. Share your memories with those who love you.

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