July 9, 2008
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Boys Vs. Girls: Does Sex Talk Have To Be Segregated?

Here at Boinkology, we pride ourselves on being for everyone. Ladies, mens, gays, straights, and everything in between: we don’t care what parts you have, or where you stick them. If you like sex, and want to talk about it, we want you here.

We’ve always thought that that was the way to be (that’s how Nerve is, right?), but we’re noticing more and more that we seem to be in the minority. We’ve been stumbling across new sex talk sites with increasing frequency: but more and more, it seems like those sites are strictly segregated by sex (or sexual orientation).

Now, we can certainly understand the desire for single-sex space (girls need somewhere to talk about their periods, right?), but we’re kinda confused by the idea of so much separate space. Sure, men and women talk differently about sex — but isn’t separating these discourses just making it harder and harder for us to understand each other?

If there is a battle of the sexes, setting up separate camps doesn’t seem like a particularly good way to ever reach a truce.

[Photo by _ejstans_]

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  • Oubliette says :

    I dunno – I love nothing more than spending a boring week surfing through the “male only” sites. Sometimes I get great insights into the male mind – sometimes all I get is a great laugh at what they think is going on in the female mind – but either way it’s great fun.

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