July 17, 2008
So What If Celebrities Have Open Marriages?

Via BuzzFeed, we came across a few articles expressing horror about Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s “open marriage.” A married couple that admits attraction to other people? God save us all!

There’s a couple things that annoy us about all this. First off: who really gives a fuck? If Will and Jada want to have an open relationship, or having a threesome, or engaging in wild, kinky sex — why should we care? What effect does it have on any of the rest of us?

Secondly: from what we can tell, the original article doesn’t even say that Will and Jada have an open relationship. What it says is that they openly about their attractions to other people — and that if they ever feel the need to pursue sex outside the relationship, they’ll discuss it.

That doesn’t quite sound like an open relationship. That sounds like a healthy relationship — one with open communication and a whole lot of honesty.

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  • Anomie says :

    “Who really gives a fuck?”? Duuude, these are ce-LE-bre-teeees. We should ALL care. Deeply.

    I like the opening sentence of the original article: “Will Smith reckons it’s healthy to fancy other people when you’re married…” Is it me, or does this sentence have a subtle yeah-right-whatever-you-say superior smirk to it?

    Maybe that’s why so many marriages DON’T last. “HOLY shit I find that guy over there attractive, clearly I don’t love my husband anymore, our marriage is DOOMED!

    DOOMED I tell you!!!”

  • Ruth @ The Explorers Blog says :

    Maybe everyone is just jealous at the notion of a successful, long lasting open relationship? ;) If folks are that interested in Will & Jada’s situation, maybe they should take a glance at Tilda Swinton’s relationship. I did a post about it, with some info about poly relationships a little while ago:

  • al oof says :

    yeah, that’s some deep bullshit right there. why shouldn’t you be honest about who you’re attracted to?

  • Agile Cyborg says :

    Flog the moral absolutists who wish to pervert me with their rank and Darkly Aged prudery. The brain-constricted flock to their strained steeples in a rabid rapidity seeking whom they may devour and absorb. Ah, the beauty of guilt and the power of its magic to sway the base nature of the common chugger and lugger into a swift acquiescence. This could go on… but, I have an open marriage to enjoy.

  • Alex Rose says :

    Gasp! Attraction to other people outside of your marriage/relationship? That sounds absurd…

    And being honest about it? Who do these crazy liberals think they are?

    Granted, it may be why they’ve been together for quite awhile but we won’t pay any attention to that.

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