July 22, 2008
Gentlemen Prefer A Size 12

Women are taught from an early age that being skinny is the way to be. Thin is in, skinny is attractive — and having that hot, fashionable body will always get you the boys. Right?

Well, maybe not. The UK’s Fabulous Mag recently conducted a “Fabulous Body Survey,” asking (presumably heterosexual) men and women about their ideal female body type. While the women stated a preference for a body around size 8 (US size 6), men were more interested in a slightly curvier size 12 (US size 10). Granted, both “ideal” bodies come in smaller than the average UK woman (who’s apparently a size 16 (US size 14)) — but at least this provides a little (more) proof that fashion magazines don’t always know what’s up.

(Also: are we the only ones wondering why the size 12 lady has her back to the camera? What’s up with that?)

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  • Some Schmoe says :

    I dunno, that size 8 is looking pretty damn good to me

  • Isil says :

    As usual women are smarter than men

  • secondlastwish says :

    i’d like to think she can’t hold her boobs back with just one puny arm - but the caroline (size 16) seems to manage.

  • Conrad says :

    How does this show women to be smarter than men? Aren’t women the ones trying to aim for the “ideal?” When men say they like something else. Either way, there are plenty of studies on either side of this topic, but it pretty obvious that the fashion industry isn’t the norm, it’s an industry.

  • withoutscene says :

    It stands out especially because it messes up the whole composition of the photo…unless they are supposed to be posed like they are “one woman” turning. Odd.

    I’d like to see the un-airbrushed version.

  • Anomie says :

    Aweome! I am the preferred gentleman size!

    My criticism is that it looks like they got their measure of what men said is the perfect body size from what size they say their girlfriend is. How many men really have a good grasp of women’s clothing sizes? And why is the average girlfriend’s size so much smaller than the average woman’s size?

  • nikiaurora says :

    The size 12 lady is just showing off her fabulous behind. Looks just about right for some grabbing and/or spanking 😉

  • Isil says :


    Only women can understand my statement heh

  • POAndrea says :

    Do an image search of “three graces” and you will get many pictures of three nude women, one or more of whom has her back turned to the viewer. I think this photo was posed with this classic image in mind.

  • Enamor says :

    I honestly found the size 16 most attractive of the three. But that’s probably just me.

  • Garrett says :

    Pfff…none of these women hold a candle to the curvy women I find appealing.

    Quoting the inimitable Sir Mix-A-Lot:

    “36-24-36? Ha ha, only if she’s 5’3″

  • Anomie says :

    I found the size 16 most appealing, too, but I think that really just goes to show that *size* is only part of the puzzle. Shape and form are also important. I would have guessed that the 12 was the 16 and vice versa.

  • ela says :

    why do these ‘tests’ always leave out HEIGHT? skinny isn’t always forced. some women are just geneticly thin and they don’t have to feel less womanly bc of it.

  • PetiteGal says :

    Second Ela’s point on height. How tall is this size 10 woman? A 5’8″ size 10 woman is much slimmer looking than someone who is 5’2″. And do these men really know what the size is? My boyfriend thinks I’m size 6. I take a 0 or even 00 at most mainstream stores (though they vanity size. I’m probably a 2 in real life).

  • Sudonim says :

    These are sizes, not body types. I don’t know that size should have anything to do with it. Of course someone 5’1″ is likely to be a smaller size than someone 6’1″. Most guys I know think more in terms of skinny, athletic, healthy, plump, etc.

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  • Alex Rose says :

    I think the average guy would say it has little to do with actual ‘size’ and more to do with how the woman carries it.

  • Sarah says :

    Ela: Yes, some women are genetically thin. And the comments they receive on their figures will be 99.9% positive. Of course they are not less womanly because of their figures, but please understand that women who are not genetically thin, or struggle with being overweight have to deal with comments that are 99.9% negative. No one ever tells a size 18, “Oh, I wish I had your figure!” So reading postivie news about average or above-average size women really is a positive thing. If you want praise about the sort of figure you have, pick up any magazine, turn on your television, or go see any movie, anywhere.

  • Veronica says :

    Alex Rose: I completely agree — I read about a study that showed that men’s attraction to women has more to do with their proportions than their weight/size. If she’s curvy, whether fat or thin, then she is attractive, because biologically, it means she’s fertile.

  • Petitegal says :


    Ela was focusing on HEIGHT. And height is never mentioned. Not in this article or generally in any size/body image related piece. Height makes a big difference on whether a woman looks very slim or curvier. A 5’0″ woman who wears a size 4 is more “average sized”/full looking than someone ten inches taller, who would look very thin. That’s something that some of us, especially those of us who are shorter, don’t quite understand. We also don’t understand why larger-sized women believe it’s ok to tell those of us who’re small to “go eat a burger” because they sure as heck don’t want to be told to go on a diet! Saying “ewwwww, you’re a 00?” is just as insulting as saying “ewww, you’re a 20?”

    Hope this helps.


  • davies2 says :

    haha riiight… i’ve been bpoth a size ten- most my life- and then i began eating better and am a four now…if i told you guys preferred me at a ten i’d be a damn diry liar. losing the weight made me realize just HOW much guys did actually care here in america. which sorta sucked in a way.

  • Juan says :

    I think the important point to get from this study is that women in general want to be slim so they are sexually attractive without realizing men usually prefer a woman who isn’t that slim. And women could lighten up a little on their desire to be slender.

    I used to work with a woman who worked out hard and struggled to get six-pack abs. I told her I didn’t think that was attractive on women. At first it seemed she didn’t believe me. I told her I liked women who had a belly that looked feminine. A couple of my male co-workers chimed in and said they felt the same way. The relief on her face was something to see.

    So I see this study as a confirmation that those women who are stressing about being extraordinarily thin could lighten up and stress less. Everyone would be happier. I think the study is good news.

  • PetiteGal says :


    What’s “slim”? To some people, slim is a size 6. To others, it’s a 2. I consider myself “more” than slim, because I’ve been completely sized out of several brands (especially ones that do not make 00).

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  • Juan says :

    Good point, PETITEGAL. I should have said, “Many women want to be SLIMMER THAN THEY ARE” and if they’re doing it to attract the opposite sex, they may be suffering unnecessarily (denying themselves in order to be slimmer, or working themselves too much with exercise). A study like this might help such a woman have a life less stressful and more pleasurable.

  • ela says :

    i realize what you’re saying but just looking at this picture you can’t tell how tall these women are. most people are shocked when they see celebs in real life bc as they are very SMALL (short and skinny). someone that seems ‘normal sized’ is really thin but also very tall. i don’t know how many people can tell the diff between the size 12 and 16…why? it makes a difference when you see a girl who’s a size 12 and 5’2 or a size 12 on a 6’2 tall body.

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  • GiGi_bunni says :

    Umm.. actually at an early age (being Latino or Black) we all knew that curvier woman were more attractive. Curvier didnt mean fat fuck. It meant titties, hips, and ass with a trim slim waist. It never stuck to one size either. If you were ever a size 00/2 you were considered a crackhead.

  • PetiteGal says :

    Size 0 doesn’t mean a stick. You can be a size 00-2 and still be curvy. As you said, “curvy” means boobs, tiny waist and hips. Someone who is a 0 is probably shorter and very small framed and will likely be proportionately curvy to that frame. Take a look at any size chart.

    Note: I wrote a piece on curviness and size in my blog last year:

  • Anomie says :

    @petitegal: the anonymous commenter on that post of yours, though unnecessarily rude, is also right. American clothing sizes are made from a standard that has nothing to do with actual women’s proportions, and certainly not their height.

    I don’t have any data on this, but I’m not convinced that height and curviness are at all correlated. Most of the women (and men) on my dad’s side are super short and apple-shaped. They’re like tiny round balls, many of them only reaching my chest.

    I think I’m descended from hobbits.

  • PetiteGal says :

    Anomie: Clothing does have to do with height. Clothes are generally fitted on proportions that are equivalent to a 5’8″ female with a 32″ inseam leg and a waist-to-hip ratio that is within the 0.7X range. That’s what one generally sees in ads for fitting calls. In any case, what does that have to do with being a 00-2?

  • Anomie says :

    Haha, that’s exactly what I meant when I said clothing has nothing to do with height: it isn’t taken into account.

    Well, unless you consider the option of petite, misses, and tall as sufficient.

    Personally, I wish women’s clothing (especially pants) were sized like men’s, with inseams and waists rather than these nebulous sizes that fit practically nobody.

  • PetiteGal says :

    Higher end women’s jeans are generally fit like guys’ clothes rather than women’s numerical sizes. In any case, if inseam and waist sizes were used rather than numerical sizes, you’ll still have discrepancy when it comes to hips as the pants will be “standard,” usually assuming that the shopper has a proportional waist-to-hip ratio. Big belly but normal sized hips? Pants won’t fit.

    In any case, women have more choice when it comes to clothes for height. It’s much easier to find petites for women than short men’s.

  • Anomie says :

    It’s easier to find petites for women, but men have more than two options. Say I wanted to buy something from Talbot’s. First I have to decide whether to buy petite or misses. Well, at 5’4″, I am categorized into BOTH. One would think that the average female height would be clearly placed into a category, but NO! That would be too easy.

    So I go for misses, since it’s easier to take garments in than to let them out, but of course petite is about more than just shrinking the inseam, so there’s still issues.

    Then we get to actual size. According to their size chart, I am a size 12 top, 10 waist, and 14/16 bottom. Egads! What to do?

    And so I go home empty-handed.

  • PetiteGal says :


    That’s why people try things on, especially if you’re in between Missy and Petite. Once you know the brand and know it well, however, you’ll be more comfortable buying online.

    Average-average heighted people aren’t going to be in any specific category because fit models are closer to the “tall” mark than average. Most clothes are cut for women who are around 5’7 or 5’8 while petite is 5’2-5’3

  • GiGi_bunni says :

    Tell me if I’m wrong but I’m amusing those girls are any in proportion to a chart to be size 00/2 AND BE CURVY. I doubt they were referring to a petite woman, I’m guessing they’re 5″7+ that was my point! I use to wear these sizes when i was younger. The thighs would fit perfectly but the waist band on any jeans were always loose. My the calves part were never snug, and forget about inseam the jeans were so long, it was like treading in a ballroom gown. Things finally changed when I HAPPILY gained almost 30 lbs.

  • Petitegal says :


    I’ve always thought of curvy as being boobs, waist and hips in relation to a frame. This means you can be skinny and curvy at the same time. Proportionately, someone who is, say 34-24-34 (which could be a size 0 or a 4) will have the same breast to waist to hip ratio, regardless of height. She’ll look skinnier if she’s tall, but the ratio is the same, regardless of height.

  • dani says :

    I was a size 0 before i had my son a year ago and i was very curvy not to skinny im very small boned now im a 9-11 depending on what brand 5’2 ft an i get hit on a little less than before but not much its all about the shape and i suppose it doesent hurt to have a pritty face…but this article really helped me though because i was dieting like crazy actuly just lost 20lbs to get to this 10! 20 more 2 go but this helped me feel better about myself i felt fat an unatractive despite good coments from men going from a 0 to a 10 it tough but its nice to know men still find it sexy

  • Dynamitmis says :

    Interesting comments from all sides,I agree that men prefer all shapes and sizes around the world.The US standards for clothing often irrates the heck out of me-model material I am not! 5 ft.tall 117 lbs. is a size 4 for me,but most of the men I know prefersize 6 to 8 and taller!!!! It’s a relief to read what Juan has to say about alittle belly on a woman makes her appear more attractive to him…..Thank you,Juan. You deserve a gold star and beautiful,smart,venus figured woman.

  • Amanda says :

    Who the hell cares what guys prefer? Ladies stop fighting over the size issue and learn to love your body. Big or small, Tall or short, curvy or thin. Love your body! it’s beautiful because it’s yours, not some man’s to pass judgement on.

  • Some Schmoe says :

    We like what we like. I know some guys that will make a b-line toward the fattest bitch in the room and there are others of us that go for the petite types. If you average all of the male population’s desires you will end up with the average woman.

  • Some Schmoe says :

    BTW lets cut the horseshit for a minute. If you are a woman and you want to get male attention (disregard if you are content being the shut-in cat lady), dont confuse loving your body and being complacent with its maintenance. Loving your body also means keeping it in shape, which will also make you more attractive to us and therefore earn your body pleasure points (which is nice and your body will thank you for it).

  • john says :

    I take all 3 of them, they’re all pretty darn hot to me

  • mimi says :

    I am a 10, 5ft 11″ 135-145. I just want to say that you men need to look in a mirror every now and then.. why are we the only ones that have to maintain.. and if you don’t do maintainence for you then don’t be surprised when no one finds you attractive and that is directed at both sexes…

  • freda says :

    this is quite nice to learn. i’m 5’2″ and a size 4/6 living in southern california, the most schizophrenic place on earth. a lot of young women around my age(20) are taller and thinner than me, but at the same time, we have a lot of larger women on the loose. i’ve never really referred to them as curvy because curvy isn’t a synonym for fat, like many americans think it is. i think someone with my body type could be accurately described as curvy, same with the women’s ideal and the men’s ideal. nice to know i’m an ideal the female concensus has settled on… except for height probably. women usually want to be taller, but i love being petite because i can always get a boost/piggy ride and look adorable 😉

  • Chet says :

    I prefer more than a size 12, I think size 28 or larger can be very attractive. It looks especially good on someone who is pear shaped. The more there is, the more there is to make love to!!

  • Sarah says :

    All I am reading is your need to talk about how tiny you are. Blah Blah Blah I am 6 ft tall and a size 10. Try finding clothes for that. I am very atheletic and I have been blessed with perfect proportions through of course working out. I have also been a curvy size 12. I had the same results with different men. Its all in how beautiful you carry yourself. Men simply have different taste. Love who you are and the men are likely to follow suit. It also depends on the quality of men you have set out to attract.

  • Lux Alptraum says :

    Ladies, you’re all beautiful! And mens, you too!

    I’m really glad we’re having an intense discussion on this topic — just remember, be nice to each other and no personal attacks.


  • Dose of Reality says :

    So let me get this straight… Men are claiming to prefer the fat women on the left and the right to the healthier woman in the middle?

    C’mon, seriously, the other 2 women are fat. They’re not obese, but they could stand to lose a few pounds. And by “a few” I mean 20-30. I’m not trying to be harsh, but health-wise, that’s not good. I’m not saying you need to be a rail, either, THAT’S not healthy. But the woman in the middle is better proportioned, period. Not by “judgement” standards, but by the pure fact that the other two have fat, not muscle, around their hips.

    So if this BS survey is trying to sell me this load of crap, they must think I’m an idiot who believes everything he reads. They’ve either got a survey population of 1 skewed guy, the survey was conducted by a fat woman, or men have NO idea what a size 10 is.

    Name one - just ONE - starlet that sells magazines on her looks alone who’s a size 10. Now tell me again most men prefer a fatter woman. Please.

  • Lux Alptraum says :

    Dose of Reality:

    Judging “what men like” based on what gets in magazines is a pretty odd way to go around things. Just because you may have your preferences, that doesn’t mean you speak for all men — and let me tell you, I know many men who prefer women who aren’t skinny (and if you don’t believe me, feel free to direct your eyes here and here).

    Also, FYI, your assumptions about the health of these women — because I’m so sure that’s what you’re concerned about — are the actual BS.

  • Dose of Reality says :

    Lux, I appreciate your response, misdirected though it may be. Denying that what gets in magazines is what SELLS magazines is simply burying your head in the sand. That said, the Angelina Jolies and Jessica Simpsons (neither of whom are skinny, mind you) are what the MAJORITY of men find attractive.

    I’m not saying all men. Some men like heavier women. I’m talking about majorities, here.

    And what I like and what is considered healthy is not in contension. Fat is fat. If you’ve got a little too much fat or a lot too much, it’s fat. If you’re comfortable being 20 pounds overweight or 50 pounds, good for you. But it’s still fat, and less than optimum health-wise. Does that mean you’re not attractive? NO. Hell no. But it also doesn’t mean the majority of men prefer you, sorry.

    If you’re overweight, there is a section of society that will find you attractive. But the section will increase the more fit you are. It also means you’re probably going to lose the section that likes heavier women. Oh, well.

    Again, I’m not arguing that everyone is attractive to different people in different ways, only the stupid “survey” that claims that most men like a size 10 woman.

  • Sudonim says :

    Dear Dose of reality,

    There is no way you can judge whether these women are healthy or how much weight they ought to lose unless you have data on their diets, their workouts, their BMI, and other health information. I don’t know what women you’re used to, but women have fat. How many women have muscular hips? That makes no sense unless you are training for a triathlon or a weight lifting competition.

    Also - have you thought that there is something wrong with the magazines rather than your average woman? The media does dictate to a large extent what the masses think of as “ideal,” and standards of beauty have changed over time. Right now the media propagates the size 0 physique, which may dictate some men’s preferences, and at the same time is NOT healthy for many women.

    But in the past decade there has simultaneously been an upsurge in preference for women that don’t sport nubby spines and emaciated ribs and, in fact, look like real women rather than Twiggy. I’m not promoting obesity, but none of the women above is even close.

  • ms. brittania says :

    Dose of reality needs to shut the hell up. How are you about to say that the majority of men don’t like a size 10, when there is a European study right here telling you otherwise? Believe it or not your opinion is simply YOURS, you have no authority to speak for anyone else.

    It is true however that other countries have a more realistic ideal for a woman’s size. We here in the US are totally brainwashed by the fashion industry. And news flash: one of the main reasons models are so damn thin is because designers want their clothes to be modelled, literally, by walking talking coat hangers, with maybe some slight curves to accent. Their clothes look better on women who can’t fill them out. Also notice that most swimsuit or lingerie models are generally a “healthier” 2 to 4. Because we don’t want to see their ribs, its gross, but are still far lower than the national average.

    I’m a size 12 curvy girl. I’ve got the big tits, nice ass, small waist with big hips. Is health an issue for a woman my size, of course. But it would far more unhealthy to go to the extremes to be an “industry” sized 00. I get plenty of daily exercise that my heart and arteries are not at risk. I eat healthy enough also. I’ve been smaller than I currently am (by altogether depriving myself of everything but eggs, literally) and I’ve also been larger (by devouring everything and doing nothing) but I’ve found a healthy balance for me, I’m healthy as an ox, this is simply my body’s comfortable weight. And I love it, I get more compliments than anyone I know, and I’m by far the largest lady around.

  • Dose of Reality says :

    Sudonim and Lux, thanks for your responses. I think your arguments, however, don’t hold water.

    First off, you’ve got it backwards. Magazines don’t dictate what the masses think of as ideal. Quite the contrary, magazines put in what the masses want. That’s how they sell issues. Ask any editor. Why do you think they pay top dollar for cover models? Because when they’re on the cover, the difference in sales is significant. Please do a little research on that if you don’t believe me.

    Second, fat is fat regardless of diet or workout. It’s simply a matter of coloric intake, whether it’s via 12 bowls of vegetables or 12 twinkies. Yes, different people burn fat at different rates, and some have to work out more and/or eat less to stay fit. Yes I know women are supposed to have fat. And no, I never said the two outside women above were obese, I said they were fat. Rubenesque, if you prefer. It amounts to the same thing: Ideally, the body fat percentages of women between 20 and 40 is from 20% to 25%. Essential Fat is considered between 12% and 15% in average women. The women on the left and right above have higher than that, trust me. Again, do a little research before jumping to the defense of overweight women, or men, for that matter. Frankly, it smacks of self justification.

    Lastly, I never said being too thin is healthy OR attractive. Again, when you jump at my statement like that, it sounds a little defensive.

  • Dose of Reality says :

    Again, Ms. Brittania, Please re-read what I wrote. I specifically said in the letter you attacked that being over the average body fat percentage does NOT mean you’re not attractive.

    Listen, and listen closely: I NEVER ONCE GAVE MY OWN OPINION OF WHAT I SPECIFICALLY LIKE. I’ve only ever talked about what the majority of men like. If you take the same model (to eliminate all other factors) as a size 8, a size 12, or a size 16, the one who is a size 8 will sell more magazines. Again, research on this HAS been done, and any magazine editor worth his or her salt will know it. One skewed survey does NOT undo plain and simple fact.

    Read: I’m not telling you you’re not attractive. I AM saying, however, that MORE men will find you attractive without excess fat, and no, I don’t mean without curves. Curves are beautiful and womanly (There. You got a specific opinion of my own out of me)! But the two women above ARE NOT CURVY! Their stomachs and thighs make them slightly straight, if not curved the wrong way.

  • Sudonim says :

    Dear Dose of Reality,

    First you show your research, then I’ll show mine. Skinny women may sell magazines, but it proves nothing about in-person preferences. You are comparing apples to oranges.

    And I think you are fully aware that saying “C’mon, seriously, the other 2 women are fat. They’re not obese, but they could stand to lose a few pounds. And by “a few? I mean 20-30″ is incendiary, so don’t be surprised at commenters’ defensiveness.

    By the way, you still do not represent most men. The website did a survey - did you?

  • Dose of Reality says :

    Sudonim, I like you.

    Yes, I was being deliberately irreverent when I said “20 to 30 pounds.”

    And though no, I have not done any scientific surveys myself, I do have non scientific data that suggests that I’m right. Would you like to know what it is? Okay, I’ll tell you. It’s really so embarrassingly simple you’ll be ashamed you didn’t realize it yourself:

    Sex is a multi-billion dollar (yes, that’s with a “B”) industry, be it hard-core porn or sexy magazine covers or beautiful women in commercials. Look around you. It’s everywhere. Companies like Coke, Miller Beer, or Nike actually spend more money than you can imagine studying what sells and why. Those studies I actually HAVE read, because it’s my business to know. Not my preference, my business. Like it or not, agree with the standards or not, Playboy, Maxim, and magazines like them sell what men buy. They don’t push what won’t sell, as was suggested in a previous e-mail I read here.

    It’s not apples and oranges. It’s fact. Again, like it or not. Look around you. If you’re a woman, you’ll not get a straight answer out of a man you ask, because they won’t want to offend you, whether you’re perfect, overweight, or underweight. But I’ve been around and been privy to the discussions of men for almost 40 years, and I’m here to tell you, the VAST majority of them, in person or in a magazine, will choose the size 8.

  • Lux Alptraum says :

    Except a lot of women in porn are apparently women you’d consider “fat” — and I’m not talking about BBWs. Take a look at Gianna Michaels some time.

  • Dose of Reality says :

    Lux, you can always pick out exceptions to any rule. We’re talking about majorities here. VAST majorities.

  • Lux Alptraum says :

    Dose of Reality:

    You’re clearly not going to be swayed by reason or any argument that disagrees with you, so let’s just end this now.

  • Dose of Reality says :

    Well Lux, believe it or not, I really don’t mind, and sometimes even WANT to have my opinion changed, but that’s not going to happen without someone putting forth a well layed out and strong argument supported by reason and fact. So far, I’ve only gotten emotion. That may work on a jury, but it won’t sway me, no.

    It appears I can’t move you off the emotional side of this either, so yes, I’m good dropping it.

    Cheers, and thanks for the debate. Whether or not our minds were changed, it sparked thought and conversation, which is a worthwhile endeavor.

  • L says :

    I’m 5’10” and a size zero to two. I weigh about 105 - 110 pounds. I eat all the cake and pizza and junk I like, and I haven’t exercised since elementary school. ?

    Articles like these aren’t so “kind” to everyone. It’s weird now that society dictates that in order to be “accepting” and “tolerant” of women, you have to like larger women better than thinner women. How about just accepting all women for who they are? Aren’t we all lovely?

  • Lux Alptraum says :


    Yes. Yes we are alll lovely.

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  • elena says :

    I think the measurements in the article are wrong. An US size 0 is an UK size 4 and an US size 6 is an UK size 10 so gentlemen prefer an US size 8. Wich isn’t really all that curvy unless you’re under 5’5.

  • Holly says :

    i think the size 16 and 12 look fucking GORGEOUS!!!!
    size 0 can suck my dick :)
    x x x

  • caveman says :

    I’m late to the party as usual but, I prefer a thicker, curvy woman. That being said… women are pressured into trying to acheive what is considered ideal or average too often. A woman can be huge but if she has self confidence and is happy with her body that is more appealing than a woman that isn’t confident and happy with her body. The bottom line is a woman should only be concerned with what she feels is right for her not what some “magic” number is that is supposed to be ideal.

  • JT says :

    Truly there are several factors that apply, not only the size/height but also tone, and what I would call posture. For general purposes if the other parts fit in a woman who is 5’5-5’10 would fit great as size 10-16, Taller 5’10+ would need to up their size accordingly, then same for the shorter. So its more of a proportions aspect than a what size is best. As for me from their models Lady 16 looks best to me, Modest 12 is smashing as well. Miss 8 isn’t ugly but a bit of a stick figure effect isn’t as attractive.

  • steph says :

    As long as your healthy, does it really matter what size you are?

  • Andi says :

    These women are still photoshopped within an inch of their lives! Even morbidly obese women could look fiiine in photoshopped pics like these.

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