July 22, 2008
“Spanked” Promo Too Dirty For Vimeo

What makes a video too hot for Vimeo? The tiniest bit of BDSM, it seems. Friend of Boinkology Rachel Kramer Bussel learned this lesson the hard way, when the trailer for her upcoming book, Spanked, was unceremoniously removed from Vimeo (and the Yahoo-owned Flickr, too). Interestingly, the video remains up at and YouTube.

So what material was so offensive? Take a look:

We have a feeling we won’t be using Vimeo any time soon.

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  • Garrett says :

    Good gravy, is Ms. Bussel a lovely woman. And quite the purveyor of good quality smut to boot. *sigh* Another addition to my internet crush list.

    That video should be Number 1 on youtube. With a bullet.

  • Xorn Smith says :

    From Wikipedia’s entry on Vimeo: “Vimeo has gained a reputation as catering to a high end, artistic crowd.”

    Who knew the “high end, artistic crowd” was so prudish? Or opposed to free expression. Or capricious and hypocritical, since in five minutes of searching on Vimeo’s site I found several vids as “racy” (or whatever the fuck) as the “Spanked” video, many of them much more explicit (or whatever the fuck) and often not half as well done.

    Seriously, is Ed Meese on the Vimeo Board of Directors?

    Vimeo is so on “The Walmart List.”

    On the bright side…I now know about this video and book, both of which are pretty awesome.

    And, GARRETT, ditto on the RKB crush.

  • Garrett says :

    On a strictly by the book response to this, Vimeo and other services are private services who can make up any number of silly rules and hurdles. Silly, because something like RKB’s vid is far less “offensive” than the myriad animal killing/insect fighting and other creepy garbage you find all over video hosting sites.

    A hint sexuality is far more frightening to the Moral Orals of the world than scads of violence. Sadness.

  • Amanda says :

    What’s the problem? It’s just a corny video about a kinky subject.

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