July 30, 2008
We Can Date In Public: But Should We?

What with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Plurk, Vimeo, and whatever new 2.0-ey communications system the webkids have coming down the line, it’s become easier and easier to live in public: and for more than a few people, that means it’s become easier to date in public. Twittering details of first (and second, and third) dates, posting emotional updates about how in love they are… we’ve seen it all before (remember when it was called Jakob and Julia?).

But after enduring so many public break ups, we’re starting to wonder what, exactly, any of us gain from dating in public. Blogging about one’s sex life at least has the ability to titillate — but what does blogging one’s relationship give the world? And, perhaps more to the point: does making one’s intimate details (and we’re talking emotionally intimate, here) so completely public provide enough benefit to outweigh the potential (and sometimes inevitable) pain of living the more painful parts in public?

[Photo by jidnet]

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  • al oof says :

    i think there are benefits to blogging about relationships, the same way there is merit in getting relationship advice and reading All About Love. but it has to have some introspection and intelligence to it. just describing your date or bitching about your boyfriend doesn’t have any real value to a reader, though i suppose it can for the writer.

    i think the internet is evil, but i can’t quite get away from it.

  • :::corazón de látex::: … says :

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