July 31, 2008
Asexuality: The New Sexuality?

In college, we knew a boy who identified as asexual. The prospect confused the hell out of us (budding boinkologists that we were, and just as sex-obsessed then as now), until a mutual friend offered the following perspective.

“Think of it this way,” he said. “For [asexual boy] sex is equivalent to me coming up to you and sneezing on you and then rubbing the snot all over you.”

That image alone was enough to make us go asexual (or maybe develop a snot fetish. We’re not sure.). Of course, thinking sex is gross isn’t all there is to asexuality, as this piece on the topic makes fascinatingly clear.

[Photo by pixel_flicker]

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  • pretzelboy says :

    In many ways, being asexual can be as confusing to asexuals as to anyone else. As an asexual person myself, growing up it was difficult to understand why I didn’t have the same feelings and desires it seemed that everyone else had. It wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I heard about anyone else like me.

  • Isil says :

    I believe their greatest relief comes from precluding all social forms involved mating and pre sex behaviours, not sure if its just “disgust”.

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  • Brian says :

    After discussing my current sexual woes in my marriage at length, my therapist believes my wife is asexual, due to no curiosity about her own sexuality, what might work for her, no curiosity about her partner’s sexuality, i.e. me, and no investment in three years in our shared sex life. It’s very sad and frustrating and I wish I had known this beforehand, but hey, damn that 20/20 hindsight…

  • Purple Proze says :

    Funny thing that, asexuality.
    I guess I could class myself as asexual, because I don’t have any interest in having sex. However I read and watch an insane amount of sex-positive blogs, documentaries, books, zines…don’t know why. Definitely don’t get off on it. I’m interested in sexuality the way people are interested in gardening or computers.

    The topic piece was cute and insightful.

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