August 11, 2008
Jeans Commercial Artfully Reenacts Moments Before Sex

Have you ever had one of those nights where you meet someone in a bar, and — wanting to impress them — you find yourself spouting a few exaggerations that maybe turn into little white lies or even bigger white lies? Apparently, Levi’s knows where you’re coming from — and they want you to know that telling the truth can be ever so sexy. As long as you’re wearing Levi’s. (At least, that’s what we assume the message of this commercial is…)

[Via AdRants]

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  • Daniel says :

    Wow, I just cannot wait for the “morality groups” to get their dirty little hands on this one…

  • Conrad says :

    I saw this pre-preview when I went to see Pineapple Express. I was glad to see such a bold advertisment, but not everyone in the audience was as thrilled. Which is interesting, at Pineapple Express.

  • Ruth @ Explorers Blog says :

    Conrad - that surprises me from that movie!
    The ad caught my attention, that’s for sure. The music was a little distractingly loud in the beginning, though. Either way, why not? It’s cleaner than most beer ads.

  • GoddessMaria says :

    Ooof, I’m so far from conservative that my own visceral reaction surprised even myself - men, women, please adore the ad, and then let it make you think later before actually getting physical with someone whose background you don’t know. Men and women alike should pay heed to the fact that going “home” with a stranger can lead to lighter wallets than usual and worse. If nothing else, wouldn’t you want to know where you could reach that “hot” person who probably doesn’t even know they’re spreading chlamydia like they did to you? (read statistics of that disease: it’s frightening!) The ad is hot, I admit it, but damn!

  • wowsers says :

    Theres something bad about this? At least they are coming clean! Or should I say.. cumming clean?

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