August 12, 2008
Dinosaur Comics On How To End A Relationship

Breaking up: not easy, right? Thankfully, Dinosaur Comics has some helpful advice for those who want to get out of a relationship — but are just totally stumped about how to make it happen.

Just pick a method randomly. We’re sure they’re all equally good.

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  • the boy says :

    a kid I know cam up with a brilliant text message breakup for a local weekly haiku contest. here it goes:

    “o hey bbycaekz
    lol im dumping u
    talk 2 u l8r!”

    (from this page:

  • Jeremy says :

    Yeah, no advice in the god-damned world can help end a relationship of more than a year. I’m suffering through this right now.

    I think the first step my not be buying a fucking condo with the girl.

    *forehead smack*

    I do heart thee, Dinosaur Comics. Don’t take it personally, my polygamous petrified pals.

  • Isil says :

    Ending a relationship and facing extintion are among the gruesomest events in history.

    Luckily its been all logged.

    Three famous dinosaurs were interviewed for Boinkology, heres what they had to say:

    Tyrannosaurus: Hey, ya know. If you cant hug them just feel them cream inside your powerful jaws.

    Velociraptors: Suree, just hide, ambush and shriek right before the kill.

    Brontosaurus: Piece of cake! Keep on munching and outweight them.

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