August 18, 2008
Would You Remove Ex From Your (Photographic) Memories?

At the end of a bad relationship, it’s not uncommon to wish that you could erase your ex from your past — or at least from your memories (see: “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”). Of course, since we don’t have fancy mindwiping technology, that’s not currently possible. But hey: we do have photo wiping technology — and apparently, there are some people out there using that technology to remove their exes from old photos.

While we’re sure that ritual offers some cathartic relief (something we definitely understand), we’re not totally sure how we feel about it. After all: for better or for worse, our exes are a part of our past — and a part of the process that has shaped who we are today. Isn’t removing them from our memories simply cheating ourselves of that valuable life lesson? Come on, people! (see: “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”)

[Photo by dweebydude5]

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  • Isil says :

    Just like pussy farts the deeper you try and hide them the stronger they return.

  • Photoshopping The Past Aw… says :

    [...] [via Boinkology] [...]

  • Matthew says :

    I could never get rid of photos especially. Masturbating to exes (even the mean ones) is one of the small joys of life.

  • Garrett says :

    Depends on the photo and the ex. If it was a great, once in a lifetime kind of shot (meeting the president or a graduation) and the ex involved was abusive or inordinately cruel, I could see doing that. Otherwise it becomes a question “Oh, who is that person?” for the rest of your life.

    Mind you, I’ve only had one terrifically awful ex and I HATE having my picture taken, but still.

  • Andy says :

    I dunno. Just seems like a digital way to stick your head in the sand. If anything, just get rid of the damned photos entirely if you don’t want the memories.

    On catharsis: I cleaned at an office for years, and you could always tell when one guy would break up with his girlfriends because her picture would be off his cubicle wall and ceremoniously torn to tiny pieces in his wastebasket.

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