BY Lux Alptraum
August 19, 2008
Does Don’t Date Him Girl Make The World A Better Place?

After a bad breakup, it’s only natural to want to tell the world about the evils of your former partner — to publicize all their faults and failings, maybe using something along the lines of Don’t Date Him Girl, or even just your very own custom website.

And it certainly seems altruistic enough: after all, what’s more noble than helping others avoid the mistake you once made? But somehow, we’re not entirely sure that this kind of behavior is all that good for society. After all — besides the momentary thrill of vengeance, what does it really accomplish? If anything, publicly obsessing over an ex seems like a good way not to move on — not to mention a good way to create a (possibly permanent) record of post breakup irrationality. Cause let’s face it: no one’s at their best right after an ugly falling out.

[Photo by signalstation]

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  • kawai says :

    i’m sure there’s probably a situation or two where this would be a good thing to do, but overall i would say no. remember the good times about a relationship and all the amazing things you did together. and remember the bad times and grow from them. be able to recognize patterns in your life from these experiences and do a little better the next time you find yourself in these situations. give your ex a fair chance to do the same as well.

    negativity like “don’t date him girl” just causes more drama. also, on the flip side, if someone says to you “don’t date him girl”, take it for what it is and come to your own decisions on a person.

  • Garrett says :

    I was once give very sage advice on dealing with the need to get payback on someone who hurt me, and that is after all what we are talking about. That advice? Wait a month. Mark it down on the calendar, give it 30 days from the break-up, 30 days from the uncovering of the cheating, whatever the offense, give it 30 days before you do anything like blog about it, or start winding up the crazy-mobile. Just a pause for 30 days.

    By then, more than likely, your head will be much clearer, your heartache more manageable and whatever invectives you were going to share about your ex have faded in the cold light of day.

  • Loki_Monster says :

    My ex had an STD he did not tell me about. He also lied to me during our entire relationship (2 affairs that I know about). He did the same to his ex wife (7 that she knows about). He is a complete and total pro at lying and hiding. I had one of his little friends contact me 5 weeks after my mom died. He sure as HELL is on If I can save even ONE woman from what both I and his ex went through, it’s worth it. I was also very careful not to sound irrational, though.

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