August 20, 2008
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Smoke In My Eyes

SUBMITTED BY GARRETT: I have a fetish. Well, it’s actually a kink since a fetish somehow implies I need this to get off, which I don’t. But damn if it doesn’t make it better.

Smoking. Specifically, women smoking in sexual situations.

I can pinpoint the exact moment for me that the kink formed, Gina Gershon in “Bound.” Came at just the moment my brain was starting to wire up about sex and the image of the tough, lithe Gershon smoking with her squeeky-voiced lover hit me like a train.

I’m not obsessive and I’ve only actually had sex with someone while they were smoking once. The logistics of it are kind of hard to pull off well and still have a satisfying experience. So yes, it’s more of a porn thing.

Sites like have porn with women smoking and having sex. Again, it’s often very…static sex. You can’t flail about with a lit cigarette. I wonder if that’s the underpinning of the fetish really. Smoking is a singular thing, it’s something that people do as a break. You don’t smoke and dance. You take a break and have a cigarette. You relax. There’s also an element of the blase. Women smoking, to my eyes, seem in repose, slightly distant. An edge of the unattainable is always good soil for a fetish.

Funny thing is, I’m the survivor of a parent who died of lung cancer, I’ve never so much as taken a drag off a cigarrette and I’ve only dated two, very much social, smokers. Yet seeing Scarlett Johannson smoking in “The Black Dahlia” was almost a transcendent experience.

[Photo by miqs]

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  • The Stranger says :

    Since you aren’t a smoker, this sounds like a kink/fantasy that looks better on “paper than in real life.” It’s the same thing for me with threesomes. Used to fantasize about it all the time, but when I actually did it in real life and although I had a lot of fun, in the end it isn’t for me.

    Back on topic, I used to be a smoker, so I definitely recognize the kink.

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