August 21, 2008
Secret Sex Toys: Finding Orgasms In Household Objects

We’ve all been there at one point or another: you’re on vacation, or visiting your parents, or just away from home — and suddenly you realize you forgot to pack your vibe. What’s the intrepid hornball to do? Why, repurpose an ordinary household device — one of the many lying right in plain view — and turn it into a sex toy!

Over at the Frisky, there’s a list of not one, not two, but eight ways to get off with household items. Which is great… as long as you don’t mind winding up with an electric toothbrush that smells like pussy. (And if you do, there’s always this.).

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  • Venus Muffinpants says :

    My first Dildo was a Muddler. And I had some good old times with it.

  • Pixie says :

    I had one of those pens that write in like 20 colours or something. You know, the ones that are the exact same shape as the classic “smoothie” dildo/vibrator? (because who actually needs to write in 20 different colours, all from the same pen… the ink was cheap and sticky, too) I had one of my first orgasms with that.

  • Mayor of Kentonville says :

    Eclectic Sander, sans the sand paper

  • Stacie Adams says :

    It is a fun list but…personally, I can’t get off on the regular bath faucet as well as the hand-held massaging shower head. Got one of those as a gift a while back, then it broke. Got another one that is not nearly as good. Don’t recall the exact details on the brand that worked best so…

    I am posting hoping some other woman will read this and list the make and model of the best shower head brand for this.

    Does anyone here know of a good list of them, perhaps rated in terms of their utility for this task?
    If not, someone needs to do this research!

    And I must mention that hairbrush handles can be quite fun too. I guess over at Frisky, they require vibrating devices. But if you can get off with just insertion, the variety of hairbrush handle styles is endless ;-)

  • Ell says :

    I shop at Ikea kitchen for sex toys…

  • mairea says :

    jaccuzzi jet. youll never try any thing else again

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