August 27, 2008
What Do You Say During Sex?

Inspired by this chart (found via Buzzfeed), we’d like to know a little more about what you say during sex. Is it all oohs and ahhs and oh babies, or do you actually get a little creative? Can you manage to string together a sentence when your blood is coursing away from your brain?

And what’s the worst thing you (or a partner) has ever said during the sexin’?

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  • Rodger says :

    I’m extremely verbal during sex, usually making very specific demands and encouragements. It’s not uncommon for me to say things like “Harder” or “Faster” but also things like “I love when you pound me like that,” or “Your cock feels so great” – I figure everybody likes some appreciation.

  • Anomie says :

    I started dating my husband during my freshman year in college. We decided near the end of that year to move in together sophomore year.

    Shortly after making that decision, we were having sex in the bottom bunk in his dorm room, and blurted out

    “We’re going to need a table.”

  • Patrick Di Justo says :

    “I can’t wait to blog about this.”

  • Isil says :

    Who hasnt talked about while boinking?

  • Arianna says :

    Does it count if it’s during phone sex? I had a boyfriend who called me “goddess” during phone sex. I called him something like a “sexy motherfucker,” and said something like “More like a goddess-fucker!”


    The phrase goddess-fucker haunts my thoughts to this day.

  • Tess says :

    Said to me:

    “If you were my wife, I’d keep you in a cage.”

    and another time, with another patner:

    “If you were my wife, I’d keep you in a box.”

    I am not SUPer promiscuous, so I imagine I can’t be the only one getting this.

  • Jeremy says :

    Okay, this had me rolling. Mostly boinkology’s comments.
    I think T-rex noises should be in the bad category.

    I tried combining some of the elements of the chart. I’m quite fond of:

    “Ooh yeah, yabba dabba doo, you like that?, you’re beautiful like a moon, ohh fuck, you little minx. Hail Satan!

    Thanks for that. *Bestial wail*”

    That’s mostly good, right?

    Now THAT sounds like an evening I want to be part of.

  • Courtney says :

    shut up and fuck me….

    and did he EVER!

  • the boy says :

    Inspired by this comic (, I had a girlfriend say “I choose you, Pikachu!”

    …it was rather unpleasant. But makes for a good story, as would most of the lines here (

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  • Angus says :

    “Hmmm… time for blueberries. You have any blueberries?”


  • Dawne says :

    The best one I ever had was many years ago, being English I suppose I am used to polite sex, but one guy, just as he “arrived” said ….. “Oooooooooooh Crikey!”

    How I didn’t laugh I will never know. We English may lack passion, we may lack adventure, but by golly we’re top of the league in sexual niceties.

    Ta ta

  • typhlobasia says :

    in lieu of talking, after having awesome sex once my boyfriend and I high-fived. It was just that awesome. There was a lot of team spirit in the room and I thought it should be recognized, you know? like, “hell yeah, baby- we rock” *highfive* Luckily he also thought it was appropriate, and we both giggled for hours and joked about getting matching jerseys and sweat bands.

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  • DB says :

    “You can put it anywhere!”

    Sigh, but he never does.

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