September 11, 2008
First Wives Club: Now More Than A B Movie

Because everyone needs a social network: meet First Wives World, the community site for, yes, first wives. Or at least divorced women — presumably former (or soon to be former) second wives won’t be turned away from all the fun!

In case you’re curious (or just can’t figure it out for yourself), the site offers community, connection, support, and — best of all — actual, helpful information for women contemplating, in the middle of, or after a divorce. We’re pretty sure this first wives club will have less hijinks than the original — but hey, hope springs eternal.

[Via AdRants]

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  • Mary Ann says :

    What a great idea. And I love the site. Very supportive upbeat place for women … not what I thought it would be .. i.e. negative, revengy ..

    It’s not that at all! Bravo to those that created it.

  • paula says :

    thanks for writing about this site. i wanted your readers to know that there is another divorce site for both men and women out there, with over 11 thousand registered and very active members, d360 offers original journalistic quality content, over 100 expert views (from lawyers to therapists to PI’s) and just thousands upon thousands of member questions, comments, blogs, videos and more. d360 has over 20 thousand comments, over 1000 articles, million pageviews and dozens of different groups from thinking about divorce to dealing with the process to dating again and moving on.

    As sone of our members have said

    “I wouldn’t be where I am today… and keeping my sanity if it weren’t for d360″ Striker

    “My friends, those on d360, are who were really there and helped pull me back up.” Chris36

    “I haven’t felt so loved and cared for. Ya’ll are making me cry. Maybe thats what I needed. I don’t know what to say.” Desi25

    “it help to read other comments and blogs, I used to think I was the only woman that had to deal with this …. It helps to know I am not alone in the world”. JRoy

    “It never ceases to amaze me just how many people are here looking for some of the same answers that I am - or was.” SDChargers13

    i welcome all of your readers to come check us out at


  • Shauna says :

    I think it is great to see there is so much effort being put towards helping women through divorce. I really applaud the first wives site for its efforts. It’s nice to see the tone of it reflecting a more optimistic and happy feel. It’s nice that they are approaching divorce from a positive, upbeat approach, as opposed to other sites about divorce, which quite honestly, is a bit too pedantic and donnish, bland even (i.e divorce360 …. ) Which makes the *piggy back approach* in the note above from Paula 360 all the more fitting.

    Thanks FWW.. I’m now a member … Shauna

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