September 11, 2008
Why Barack Obama Is Right About Sex Education

In case you’re still on the fence about the need for comprehensive, age-appropriate sex education (maybe even starting as young as kindergarten); allow us to tell you a little story.

A few days ago, a picture of Juliana Margulies (above) surfaced on the newswires. Her legs were slightly spread, and a thin line appeared between them. “OMG, Vagina!” the blogs cried.

Except that’s not what a vagina looks like. Not at all. Let’s face it: the fact that anyone could possibly think that that was a vagina and not, say, a pantyhose seam, is a sure sign that our grasp of human anatomy is fragile at best — that, even as adults, many of us don’t even have a kindergarten level of understanding of how the human body works.

And that, frankly, is sad. We fully support Obama’s belief that kindergarteners should know where a vagina is (hint: not midthigh), and if McCain wins… well, we might just have to head out to the UK, where the sex ed shows on TV show actual, factual naked bodies.

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  • Wendy Blackheart says :

    I’ve seen some vagina in my day, and that sir, does not look like vagina to me!

  • Alex Rose says :

    Oh Lord…

    We’re surrounded by fucking idiots…

  • RoboSheep says :

    After hearing about this vagina thing I’ve done some research on AOL and in the bible and I must say that you are all heretics. Everyone good and righteous person knows that babies, like our lord and saviour Jesus, are delivered from storks into the open arms of virgins. The only reason anyone would ever consider having sex is because they are a sinner and want to damn not only themselves but the whole world. Make the RIGHT choice, vote McCain and Women’s Properplace advocate Palin in 2008!

  • JM says :

    Its the tops of her thighs pushing against each other because of how she’s sitting. I looked…closely.

  • BOINKOLOGY | Commenter Of&hellip says :

    […] upskirt scandals come and go, but crazy is forever. Congrats to Robosheep for bringing some awesomely fun crazy to the discussion of sex ed in America: After hearing about this vagina thing I’ve done some […]

  • al oof says :

    it’s extra wrong since vaginas are entirely internal, and the outside of our genitalia, collectively referred to as ‘vulva’, consists of lips and a clitoris. i don’t know, i just think it does us all a disservice to refer to the more sensitive part of our genitals with the word for the less sensitive part.

  • wowsers says :

    People need to seriously go back to sex ed class. Anyone who thinks that a pantyhose seem is a vagina, is obviously a jealous virgin who cant get any ass.

  • dallas says :

    Wow am I tired of upskirt photos – I don’t need to see anyone’s vagina – especially when it’s so clearly not a vagina!! This reminds me of soft-core porn poses where any kind of penetration is clearly impossible.

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