September 29, 2008
Burlesque Festival Raises Feminist Ire (For No Good Reason)

Tease-O-Rama is a huge, multi-city convention dedicated to celebrating the neo-burlesque revival — one that attracts hundreds of performers and quite a few high level sponsors, including Cirque de Soleil and the W Hotel. Oh, and Hustler also happens to be a sponsor — a fact that a few feminist blogs have latched onto and used to smear the reputation of Bitch magazine.

Nevermind that many other progressive organizations have signed on to sponsor (including Bust magazine and the Center for Sex and Culture). Nevermind that the burlesque revival has often been lauded as a feminist movement — one that celebrates the beauty and sexuality of all people (including 80 year old retired burlesque stars, who are often heralded at events like Exotic World and the like.). Nope: Bitch magazine and Hustler are in bed together! Supporting women who take their clothes off! Call the feminist police!

(Seriously, Jezebel: did you actually even click through to read anything about Tease-O-Rama before you slammed Bitch for supporting it?)

[Photo by csb13]

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  • Ellie says :

    Everywhere I look, I find more good reasons to hate Jezebel. I stopped reading that crap months ago.

  • the boy says :

    3rd wave feminism = awesome. 2nd wave reactions to third wave feminism = lame. If people can find voluntary participation in things like burlesque empowering, attempts to demean them are counterproductive, and undermine the whole point of feminism.

    Or at least, that’s from where I stand as a person with one intact and one damaged X chromosome.

  • Monica says :

    I agree, Ellie. At first, I loved Jezebel, but I’ve stopped reading it entirely since their writers proved to be reliably thoughtless and unprofessional. The commenters were always the best part of that site, anyway, and most of my favorites have jumped ship.

  • Garrett says :

    Oh noes! Women showing their naked bodies! Calamity! Go to your gods, go to your gurus!

    Jezebel is noisy and more than often quick to judge and slow to consider. Just clicking through I saw an article about a guy peeing his pants on a tv show next to some celebrity gossip garbage. Clearly, they have the moral high ground.

    Burlesque is an art form, Michelle La’Mour, Dita Von Teese, these are smart women who love their bodies and use them in creating a form of art. At it’s core, feminism is about women having the same choices, the same options, as men. Slut-baiting isn’t empowering, it’s defining a female role and asking other women to fit into it, which is what we’re fighting in the first place.


  • Archetypal Fool says :

    Cracker, please.

  • withoutscene says :

    Yeah, I went to Jezebel once and was not impressed with their ability to jump the gun on anything that could be misconstrued as sexist without fact-checking or thinking it through.

  • Angus says :

    The Boy - why be ashamed of being male?

    As a note more to the topic, it’s not uncommon for me to see articles from feminists decrying pornography, for instance. I guess all this proves is that feminism comes in many shapes and forms, and that not all feminists agree on anything at all.

  • the boy says :

    @Angus - it seemed the appropriate way to weigh in as a male on feminism. It was also, perhaps, tongue in cheek.

    And yeah - I think the importance is to acknowledge a diversity of feminist thought, and that some of it can be simultaneously sex positive and porn positive.

  • BOINKOLOGY | Commenter Of… says :

    [...] Garrett — he’s on fire! He wins the coveted Commetner Of The Week status yet again for his thoughts on burlesque: Burlesque is an art form, Michelle La’Mour, Dita Von Teese, these are smart women who love their [...]

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