September 30, 2008
Is A Bust Economy Boom Times For Sex Workers?

Sure, the economy may be in le toilette, but it’s not bad news for everyone! The banks are closing and everything’s a mess, but at least the world’s oldest profession is doing just fine.

How does that work, you ask? Aren’t ladies of the night subject to the same economic downturns as the rest of us? Won’t the decline in Wall Street bonuses mean less money to pay for, say, a debaucherous night out with an escort? One might think that: but one would be wrong. For it’s not just hubris and heady times that power the sex work industry. Many clients seek out sex workers for therapeutic reasons — and when your industry has gone down the tubes, and your wife is angry that you can’t afford to go to Cabo… well, therapy (or “therapy,” as the case may be) probably sounds pretty good.

[Via The Frisky]

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  • Isil says :

    Not making enough money for home is sometimes felt/read as not being man enough.

    and fucking certainly makes sometimes a man look more manly to himself

    except maybe he cant do it where he has plenty of reminders of his later hmm decline


  • Jeremy says :

    I can’t pay for it, but I could go for a seriously good fucking right now. What a fucked up week.

  • Alexa says :

    Speaking solely for myself, I have not seen any drop in business whatsoever. It hasn’t picked up, either, though. My clients are the type who’re not likely to be too bothered financially by what is goin gon right now.

  • Thursday homework |SEXhob… says :

    [...] Is a bust economy boom times for sex workers? [...]

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