October 16, 2008
Sasha Grey, Crossover Star

You may not know who Sasha Grey is yet… but you will, soon. The twenty-year-old porn star just scored the lead role in Steven Soderbergh’s latest film — and the mainstream media is falling all over itself trying to box her in and label her. Over at Fleshbot, I penned a piece on the wonder that is Sasha Grey… and why she just might change everything we think we know about porn, mainstream celebrities, and “crossover” appeal.

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  • Garrett says :

    I found her youtube video channel, not updated in a while sadly, was really fascinating.

  • A says :

    First, I would absolutely love to put my tongue (and a few other choice objects) into her.

    Secondly, I can shake this feeling that she’s less an extension of Jenna and more an extension of Dita Von Teese. Dita took something burlesque and striptease and elevated it into an art form, becoming a mainstream star in the process. Sasha could be a logical continuation of that, where it’s no longer rare for a porn start to be invited to Hollywood premieres.

  • Lux Alptraum says :


    Dita Von Teese was the second comparison that came to mind. I think the difference is that Dita is largely famous for being a sex symbol — she hasn’t really moved beyond that role. Whereas if Sasha becomes wellknown as an actress, even to people who aren’t aware of her porn — well, that’s something new and different.

  • al oof says :

    i’ll be pleasantly surprised if she still does porn. i think that the thing people forget when they use the term ‘cross over’ is that the implication is you appeal to both demographics, but for porn to mainstream work it is usually a one way street.

    i wish hardcore sex scenes were ok in mainstream movies though. i mean, when they pair up stars for romance in films, they are basically just appealing to our desire to see those people having sex, even if they don’t do it in the movie.

  • Porn For Women, By Women … says :

    [...] (via Boinkology) [...]

  • Garrett says :

    I do think the next step in sexuality in the media is a “star” who comes from porn. Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are famous because we have seen them fuck. Really, do either of them bring anything else to the table besides generational wealth and a savvy for brand exploitation?

    We’ve seen Sasha fuck, or at least a persona she’s adopted. What appeals to me about her is her awareness. It’s not a hardened business “CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE” kind of awareness, but something a bit more nuanced and, honestly, more interesting. I’m very curious to see where this leads.

  • Alexa says :

    I’ve been a big fan of Sasha’s since she got into porn, and if anyone can transcend the boundaries between the two, she can. She’s a very intelligent young woman. Go her.

  • fluffyh says :

    I’m sorry but the only time I have even remotely liked her was when she did some stuff and had her hair stuffed in her mouth. :D

    I don’t see how screaming “OH YEAH F*CK MY A*S” over and over again is really transcending anything!

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